Friday, January 20, 2006

Enemies List

Ok let’s recap.

During this election the National Citizens Coalition has been attacked and or smeared by:

Linda McQuaig

The Liberal Party

Buzz Hargrove

Belinda Stronach

Gilles Duceppe

With enemies like that we must be doing something right.


Miles Lunn said...

Linda McQuaig and Buzz Hargrove are left wing nuts, so meaningless there. Gilles Duceppe is a separtist so who really cares. The Liberal Party has done some good things for Canada and some bad things, but since their opponent was a previous president of the NCC, I think attacks on the NCC should be expected. Belinda Stronach is the bizarre one since she ran on many of the issues the NCC supports when running for Conservative leader.

william said...

On Mon Jan 23...the choices are simple.

Harper who represents...
The Free Market Right...


Martin who represents...
The Worst Of The Communist Left...

Choose your Canada...!

Ed Hardison said...

I was at the Harper Rally last night in St Catharines ..not a great night to be out .
The ante room was full before they opened the doors to a wildly enthusiatic crowd estimated at 1200 ...and those were the ones that got in ...the rest went home more parking was available.
There were babes in arms , the sick , the elderly , families , young guys with rooster tail hair , all waiting patiently to see and mostly to cheer Stephen Harper .The convenor underestimated the turnout by about 75%....we needed a bigger room .
So Belinda and Paul and Buzz and Linda and all the others who do not believe that Canada is due for a change ...despite the Gag we come .
The NCC will rise again , the gag law will die under a new Prime Minister .