Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Martin's Cowardly Smear Attack on the NCC

The smearing of the National Citizens Coalition continues.

A couple of days ago it was left-wing journalist Linda McQuaig taking a shot at us, and now it’s Prime Minster Paul Martin’s designated bully-boy Buzz Hargrove.

Today in a rambling news conference, Hargrove threw about a gallon of mud at Tory leader Stephen Harper, calling him a “separatist”.

And he also smeared the NCC to get at Harper calling us a “secret society’.

Is this what Martin is reduced to? Does he really feel it’s necessary to smear non-partisan private organizations? Is he really that desperate for votes?

It’s sickening.

It’s bad enough his party has corrupted our government. Now the Liberals are corrupting the election.

I once thought Martin was a decent man.

Not anymore.

Clearly, he will say or do or smear anyone or anything to keep power.

And he doesn’t even have the courage to do it himself.



BBS said...

Most dangerous thing in the world - a Liberal about to lose a government expense account.

Anonymous said...

This tactic is typical of a party whose unofficial motto from the days of Mackenzie King has been "Get power at all costs; keep power at all costs."

A party with this motto is unfit to hold power.

Ottawa Core said...

yup, anyone who can stop the libelists from gagging free speech has to be a "secret society". way ta go buzz.

Miles Lunn said...

Considering the National Citizen's Coalition and Liberal Party are fundamentally at odds with each other over ideology, I think Martin has ever right to point out the NCC agenda considering Stephen Harper was the past president. Off course at the end of the day, Canadians will decide who they trust most on January 23rd

BBS said...

Nobody said Martin doesn't have a right to question NCC beliefs, but a 'secret society'? Be realistic. This is nothing more than fearmongering.