Friday, January 13, 2006

Left Wingers Hoist On Their Own Gag Law Petard

It looks like a bunch of left-wingers are setting up a coalition designed to stop Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. (H/T to Adam Daifallah.)

Called the “Think Twice Coalition” it’s made up of the usual leftie types -- union bosses, artists, environmentalists, feminists --- and they want to warn Canadians about the Tory’s “scary” agenda.

So watch for a massive “Think Twice” anti-Harper media blitz over the next few days …. Oops wait a minute, I just remembered, they can’t run a massive anti-Harper ad campaign.

There’s an election gag law in effect.

This law actually makes it illegal for the Coalition (or any other group for that matter) to effectively make its point through paid advertising.

Too bad. Bet they would have run an effective ad campaign too.

And here's the irony: left-wingers generally applauded the gag law when it was enacted because they saw it as a way to make elections "fairer" and to stop the “rich from buying elections”.

Wonder if they think the gag law is such a good idea now? Wonder if they ever thought they would be lumped in with the rich?

Wonder if they ever think about anything?


ferrethouse said...

I heard "Think Twice" on Rob Breakenridge last night. They were warning against voting Conservative because of Kyoto. They said that most Canadians support Kyoto. The funny thing is that had a poll yesterday and found that 70% of Canadians wanted OUT of Kyoto.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that these same people are loathed by NDP leadership, MPs and organizationers.

Ms. Barlow et al, despite their left-wing credentials, are no friends of the most effective left of centre party in Canada. She has never been an NDP supporter and like so many on the fringes of the political spectrum probably are more hostile than sympathetic to the NDP.

Does anyone believe:

- that a coalition of voices from the wilderness will even minutely influence this election?

- that they will shut-up after an election sending the Liberals back? After all isn't this tacit approval of the status quo?