Sunday, January 22, 2006

Martin's Mixed Message

Yesterday Prime Minister Paul Martin declared the Conservative Party of today was not the same Conservative Party of Bob Stanfield or Joe Clark.

I’m confused.

Was that supposed to be an insult or a compliment?


Miles Lunn said...

It is not the same as the former Progressive Conservatives, but rather a slightly watered down version of the Reform Party. This would be compliment for right wingers who disliked the moderation the former Progressive Conservatives provided, but an insult to the vast majority of moderate Canadians who found the Reform Party's policies absolutely terrifying.

Ed Hardison said...

Well , Miles , I for one have been a conservative since 1957.
I have never considered moderation to be a hallmark of a true conservative .Moderation in what , may I ask ??
I was offended and pushed away by the red Tories who destroyed our proud Conservative Party ...Liberals in conservative apparel.
Thank God the NEW Conservative Party is not the old one . It is not just another moderate Liberal Party ...why should it be ? One is enough, already .
We need stirring changes to give us back the democracy and freedoms that have been lost in the past 13 years . We need less Government , not more .We need an elected Senate ...always have .We need to support municipal governments ....Sir John A never envisioned the growth of large cities .
Pierre Trudeau did more to destroy the proud independence that Canadians have exhibited since the Boer War.[ no , I was not there ! ]
Maybe , just maybe, we can regain some pride in our flag and our anthem and our country .
You insult me and millions of Canadians when you claim that the Reform agenda was scary .
Paul Martin and his cronies are the scary ones ...look at their recent history .Big tax increases ,waste , more big brother , more anti Americanism , more entitlements .
Harper will be an excellent Prime Minister ...the one that Paul Martin should have been.

The Infozone said... is reporting on Paul Martin's contrast of image over results.

With last night's Dean Scream moment, Paul Martin's rok-star impression, strumming his guitar with Toxic Rock probably sums up Paul Martin's political career better than most other images could.


Captain Canuck said...

I hope for the sake of this country, the liberals are not voted back in.

If this happens, the country will rip apart, a PQ government in Quebec will be a certainty, and western separtists will be enraged as well.

A vote for liberals is a vote to increase separtists and will tear this country to its very foundation. the only answer to keep this counbtry together is the Conservatives.

I hope people in Toronto are not so stupid that they will vote liberal or the snake-oil salesman NDP.

Miles Lunn said...

Ed Hardison - Red Tories are closest to where most Canadians are. Neo-Conservatism has very little support in Canada so moderation is the only way to win. I believe in less government too, but I believe in gradually reducing the size of government, not rapidly since when done rapidly it blows up in your face as voters throw that government out of power at the first option. My beef with the Conservatives is their views on moral issues. If they dropped their moral conservatism I would support them, but I am not willing to throw away my values of tolerance, inclusiveness, and individual rights for all Canadians not just white males just to get a tax cut.

Perhaps you should read the history of conservatism in Canada and you would learn neo-conservatism is a foreign and new idea to Canada. It is an idea that originated out of the United States, not Canada and Canadian values and American values are very different.

Ed Hardison said...

HOGWASH , Miles .
Your idea of moderation is not inclusive is exclusive .
There are millions of Canadians who believe in family values :
* they oppose abortion on demand , because it is murder
* they oppose the redefinition of marriage
* they oppose pornography
* they oppose prostitution
* they oppose euthanasia
* they oppose swingers' rights
* they oppose sexual promiscuity , and 14 year olds engaging in sex
* they oppose the state taking children out of the home at an early age to teach them state values
* they are not anti American
* they love their country and support the military and the police
* they love their church and pray for their government .
The Conservative party is the only alternative that we have to stop the destruction of the Canadain family .
I suggest you continue to support the Liberal Party and its march toward the big brother state.
I also encourage you to read

Miles Lunn said...

Ed Harison - I see social conservatism and fiscal conservatism as two different ideologies. I support the former, but oppose the latter. I do support abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, and swinger's clubs right to exist not because I am immoral, but I don't believe government should be interferring in our personal lives anymore than they should be telling us how to spend our money. It is too bad we don't have a party that believes in less government in all areas, not just some areas. As for the anti-American card, opposing President Bush, wanting a more independent Canada is not anti-American.