Wednesday, January 25, 2006

NCC in NY Times

The National Citizens Coalition got a mention in the famed New York Times.

The piece, “Canada's Shift: To the Right, Gently” (free registration required) by Clifford Krauss examines the Canadian election in general and Prime Minister Stephen Harper (still not used to writing that) in particular.

He writes:

“In the 1990's he (Harper) directed the National Citizens Coalition, a conservative advocacy group that favored free-market economics, privatizations and tax cuts, an agenda that does not necessarily resonate with most Canadians even today.”


Well maybe free-market economics, privatizations and tax cuts would resonate if any political party had the sense to make them part of its agenda.

Until that happens we just won’t know.


Ed Hardison said...

These surely resonate with us !
Always have , always will.
Ed & Anita

Anonymous said...

Well, Gerry, let's both hope Ontario's true conservatives will at least have such an option to choose from in 2007.

Meanwhile...let's push for the revision of federal election regulations, to allow for the exercising of a legal "decline" option (as is available to Ontario's provincial election voters)! Those of us with steadfast conservative principles don't appreciate being forced to either forfeit our vote or commit a criminal offense by spoiling the ballot. Will either be a crime soon?

Until a consistently conservative party or independent candidate can inspire my voting commitment as such, I'll support the NCC and the Western Standard instead.