Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Things I learned from the Debate

Gilles Duceppe’s English actually gets worse every year.

Jack Layton is changing the name of the New Democratic Party to the Third Option.

Canadians apparently care about the Notwithstanding Clause

Paul Martin thinks Canadian values are the same as socialist values

From the NDP and Bloc perspective, the Liberals and the Conservatives are the same.

From the Liberal perspective the Conservatives and the Republicans are the same.

Paul Martin loses his temper whenever he talks about Quebec

Toronto isn’t Detroit – That’s true the Pistons might actually win something this year.

Parliament needs women.

Different formats still make for boring debates.


Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the "boring" description of last night's debate.

The one clear winner however, was Steve Paikin. He did the more credible job of the evening in my opinion.

The other four just wasted air-time.


Emil Vargas said...

I learned that Paul Martin is an extreme left-wing nutcase. Ban the nothwithstnading clause! So next time the Supreme COurt says child porn is ok for artistic merit then Paul Martin will do nothing or if the court keeps going so far to the left that it allows incest, Paul Martin would allow it. So he does support child porn after all! This guy, if I should call him that has to be sent back to the loony left wing gutters where he came from before he destroys this country. AS far as Jack Layton, I found out he's an arrogant, know it all prick who only thinks his ideas are worth entertaining and thinks everyone else's are wrong. Yeah right, socializing everything in this country by "investing" is the way to go. Forget it man, go run the city of Toronto, I hear they're in love with socialists and anti-Americans.

Ed Hardison said...

I was not planning to watch the debate...hate them ...but curiosity got me !
Harper was the clear winner , Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe were the whiners ....and desperate Paul Martin looks old and out of touch with reality.
Duceppe is very clever and very dangerous .
I liked Harper's willingness to reach out to the other Parties ...which they rejected ...SAD.
We are going to have a new & better Government . We will keep the Not Withstanding Clause .
God keep our land glorious & free !

Anonymous said...

Martin to ban the Notwithstanding Clause? Was this his attempt to gather back into the Liberal fold the Trudeau Big Government-loving 'lost sheep' from the further-left who have been dividing the Liberals as led by "too right" Martin? SCC beneficiaries such as Julius Grey and political opportunist (and self-promoting exploiter) Beryl Wajsman might be impressed with Martin's promise to further erode the supremacy of Parliament and governance by elected representation, but I doubt many Canadians of a different mindset will...

Miles Lunn said...

Banning the notwithstanding clause is more of a libertarian idea. I do find it ironic the Liberal website call property rights an extreme right wing idea when in fact Trudeau included them in a draft for the Charter, but dropped due to NDP opposition. I still support dropping the notwithstanding clause and in tonight's debate Martin said property rights were provincial jurisdiction, which most provinces protect, at least my home province of BC supports them.

PEIgunnut said...

The debate sucked lol.