Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Congratulations Stephen

The former president of the National Citizens Coalition is now the Prime Minister of Canada.

Score one for the Secret Society.

Of course, we here at the NCC are all excited and proud of Stephen Harper for his electoral victory.

But we also recognize that he is going to have a tough job, especially given the size of the Opposition he will face.

In the months ahead, the NCC will play a role to help Stephen push for changes and to push for democratic reform.

We will also be here to remind him to keep his promises.


Sheryl S said...

Congratulations to Stephen Harper. The country has given him a lease for the electorate. Stephen has to deliver the goods promised to get the keys. This is a test drive and Stephen needs to provide the performance and reliablity before the country purchases his new government,long term.

Miles Lunn said...

Congratulations to Stephen Harper as well. Although I did not vote Conservative, I think this will be a good opportunity to test the waters. If he does a good job, next time around he should be able to get a majority government. If he does a lousy job next time hopefully he will get booted out. While the results were generally close to what I expected, the biggest surprise was picking up 10 seats in Quebec. I don't think any Conservative expected them to do that well.

Captain Canuck said...

Harper has once again proven everyone wrong.

"You can't unite the right" - DONE

"You can't win the leadership of the Conservative Party" - DONE

"You can't win seats in Quebec" - DONE

"You can't be Prime Minister" -DONE !!

The only reason The Conservatives didn't win a majority is because of the disappointing maritimes and the intellectually challenged cowards in Toronto. From that I will never vacation or support any business from Toronto or the maritimes (specifically PEI)

I think Ontario is now more reviled in western Canada than Quebec is, Ontario failed Canada in this election - Period !

At least Quebec had the brains to punish the liberals instead of rewarding them - city of fools

Miles Lunn said...

Captain Canuck - the Conservatives did gain seats in Atlantic Canada, especially in Newfoundland & Labrador where they were only 300 votes behind the Liberals and also New Brunswick, plus they won 3 seats in Nova Scotia. Also in Ontario, the majority of non-GTA ridings went Conservative, while the GTA went mostly Liberal except a few outer suburbs. Also in the Greater Vancouver area, the Tories didn't fare very well, losing three seats and five seats in British Columbia.

jesse said...

so does this mean no more pot in canada?