Thursday, October 22, 2009

Victory for freedom in Quebec

The Supreme Court of Canada got it right today when it ruled unconstitutional a Quebec law which barred certain students from attending English-language schools.

This ruling is a victory for freedom.

The Court unanimously ruled that Section 104, which closed a loophole in its French-language charter that had enabled some students who weren't eligible to attend English schools to gain that right, was “excessive.”

Essentially prior to the passage of 104, students who gained access to unsubsidized private English-language schools, could become eligible to attend English-public schools.

By striking down this law the court is restoring freedom to Quebec parents who may wish to have their children educated in English.

Special congratulations must also go to Brent Tyler, the crusading lawyer who led the legal challenge to 104.

Tyler has been a tireless opponent to Quebec’s oppressive anti-English language laws.

It’s good to see him score a victory.

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Mr. Lorne said...

Any bets on whether Quebec uses the "Not Withstanding Clause?"

Roy Eappen said...

Excellent news

KC said...

Any bets on whether Quebec uses the "Not Withstanding Clause?"

They can't. The SCC's decision was based on the fact that the rule infringed of rights s. 23 of the Charter. The notwithstanding clause can only be used to protect legislation that violates s. 2 & 7-15.

TorontoD said...

This is also a victory for parental school choice in Quebec!