Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Party's Over

According to a Canadian Press report "Michael Ignatieff is preparing to embark on a politically risky 'adult conversation' with Canadians about the painful measures necessary to eliminate the country's ballooning deficit - including the possibility of tax hikes."


This idea is to political strategy what Kamikaze pilots are to World War II.


UsualSuspect said...

Politics 101:

Tax hikes and spending cuts are only possible in the first year of a MAJORITY government and to win a majority, you need to promise the opposite.

Until Iggy learns that he should consider piano lessons. heh

Ted Betts said...

You're right.

Much better to take Harper's route.

Raise taxes and say you aren't doing so and would never do so.

Sort of like how he "kept spending within our means. No, we will not run a deficit."

At least Say Anything Steve is consistent with his deception and lies.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough when the Liberals have the lunatic element (Hedy Fry)trying to torpedo the good ship Grits, but now their leader books himself into the same asylum.
Iggy is correct that either tax increases or program cuts (I much prefer the latter) will be required to get the books balanced again.
But you don't do it when the base of your main support (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) are struggling with the painful recession. Employment numbers always lag behind a recovery, so you would think this dimwit would shut up about taxes until the recovery is on solid footing. people will return to the deficit cutting and debt repayment mood once they are working and the economy is solidly rebounding; not when things are so tenuous.
The Liberals (to continue your WWII analogy) seem bent on committing hari-kari.

Bill the Elder said...

First the Lib-dips threaten to close parliament unless we deficit spend during the so-called depression. Now they are ragging Harper for doing what they forced him to do.

Do Lib strategists have such contempt for the voter;s intellect that they believe we have the memory spans of ants?

Don't answer that.