Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writing right

I have some advice for my friends over at the National Citizens Coalition: hire a writer.

Simply put, whoever writes the NCC's blog postings must have skipped all his or her grade school grammar classes.

Here's an actual, cringe-inducing sentence from the latest NCC posting: "First of all, the so-called ‘logo-gate’ scandal has received far too much outcry from the Liberals as Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his party was masters at it when they were in power and made no apologies for it."


I am not saying the NCC blog posts should read like Hemingway or anything, just that they should contain coherent sentences.

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Kadam said...

The latest evolution of the English language... If you don't want to sound like a text message junkie, you write sentences with certain guidelines:

1. Use lots of words. Like the more the better. Lots of words in a sentence don't matter because people only read the first little bit anyways and it makes you readers, who skip all the extra words anyways because, like who has the attention span anyways thanks to MTV and Survivor rips, anyways long sentences make you look smart, especially when Rob, the guy in the next cubical, goes to Virgina for a vacation and you look smart anyways.

2. Because no one bothers to read them you might as well not worry about having a.