Friday, October 09, 2009

Adler gives dramatic reading to Libertas Post letter

One of Canada's top radio hosts, Charles Adler, read my letter to the Nobel Prize Committee on the air.

It's a beautiful reading!

Listen for it aout 28 seconds in.

Crossposted at the Libertas Post.


Grant said...

It looks like Ignatieff very may be backing away from his policy of opposing everything the Tories bring foward -

Its not like things can get any worse for him, but if he flip flops on this as well, Ignatieff's credibility will be absolutley zero. If he does this, he is done fore sure.

Anonymous said...

hey Grant,
i checked out your link. whats even more telling is the comment section. looks to me like the night of the long knives has begun in earnest.
well they can always bring back dion and do no worse. HA HA HA.......he.

loved the letter gerry. tell me if you get yours because i would like the chance to wax poetic for my own novelty award too.

brad maynard

Anonymous said...

One of Canada's top radio hosts, Charles Adler...

Another one who, if we lived had a true market economy, would be on the street, selling pencils from a cup.

Libertas Post has already become the subject of sheer ridicule for people who actually know what they're talking about.

I give it six months.