Friday, October 16, 2009

Why "logo-gate" is bad for democracy

Poor Gerald Keddy.

He's the Tory MP taking all the heat because he plastered a Conservative Party logo on one of those oversized novelty cheques.

But really, Keddy is just a sympton of a larger problem. After all, since the summer Tory MPs have handed out enough oversized cheques to wallpaper the Great Wall of China.

And that's bad for democracy.

I explain why in this column which appears in today's National Post.


Anonymous said...

Gerry, the Liberals did it, so what is new. They would announce it verbally.

Check it out Cretein did it!!

austin said...

I agree with the point of your your column, we need smaller government, but I would not call this stimulus spending the Conservative agenda because it was the opposition parties that rammed it down thier throats when the Cons were not going to do anything really. As far as I see it they are just making the best of a bad situation.

wilson said...

So what would be good for democracy then,
every government performing inside a legislated box,
where no government is 'allowed' to be distinguishable from the previous nor subsequent government?

Where there is no such thing as doing things differently, because the rules/laws suck the oxygen out of the room?

How do back bench MPs ever get to be part of the action, if not for self promotion?
How else can the general public be drawn into the conversation, if they don't know there is one?

Restricting governments and parties from engaging the public is bad for democracy.

Marie said...

I used to work in PR. EVERY level of government has used the "big cheque" ceremonial presentation as a photo op visual to let the public know about new projects.

It is their job.

The local MLA, MPs,MAYORS, fund raising groups, lotteries, etc......

And the local MP or MLA or mayor can and do "sign" announcements as they are the people's representatives of those regions.

What a small minded story from small minded people.

austin said...

Marie you get tool of the week! I have seen you on at least for blogs in the last week or two and I have yet to see one where you don't call someone and idiot for not sharing your view. Are you a little insecure maybe?