Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forbes stands up for free markets

Capitalism is under heavy attack these days.

But fortunately, the free market also has its defenders, people like Steve Forbes who has written a fantastic article called Capitalism: A True Love Story.

Forbes makes the case for the morality of free markets.

Here's a sampling:
This is how wealth is produced in society: Countless individuals seek to meet their own needs by meeting the needs and wants of others. That's indeed the moral basis of capitalism. It is the antithesis of greed. Forming networks of cooperation, individuals create businesses that produce innovations--not just pencils but inventions ranging from laptops to washing machines. In the process of providing for themselves, people generate the capital and innovations that yield economic growth, improving living standards and enabling society to advance.

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TorontoD said...

John Tory had the best comment about this "documentary" on his show yesterday--If Michael Moore was such an anti-capitalist, why doesn't he play his films for free?