Saturday, October 17, 2009

Libertas Post Update

Some interesting stuff recently added to the Libertas Post.

* Radio host Rob Breakenridge says it's time for the Nanny State to butt out.

* Martin Masse, of Le Quebecois Libre, wonders if all the hysteria about H1N1 is just another example of somebody crying wolf.

* Wendy Stewart worries about voter apathy.

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L said...

I have had it with EXCESSIVE smoking banns, as they interfere with my desire to smoke. I do not want to quit, so it is now abuse, as no government official has the right to enact laws that restrict my behaviour because it is "good for me". I respect others and smoke away from people who would be affected, but I fully intend to disobey any stupid laws, e.g. smoking on open vast Vancouver beaches (away from children etc.) and smoking on uncrowded streets. Watch for the headline: "grandmother jailed for refusing to pay fine for smoking outdoors".