Thursday, October 01, 2009

Time for a new Liberal leader?

A consensus seems to be emerging that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is a dud, a Stephane Dion 2.0.

Yet, even as Ignatieff continues to drop in the polls, his loyal Liberal MPs are rallying around their beleaguered leader, as this makes it easier to stab him in the back.

All of this has led me to “jump the gun” a bit and to ponder who the Liberals could get to succeed Ignatieff.

And so after an exhaustive 10 seconds of research, I have come up with a list of five potential Liberal leaders along with their “pros” and “cons.”

Here it is:

Bob Rae
Pros – Rae is media savvy, smart, tough, and as former Ontario Premier he has tons of political experience.

Cons – Voters remember Rae’s handing of the Ontario economy, the way military historians remember General Custer’s handling of Indian relations or the way boating enthusiasts remember the Titanic’s handling of ice bergs.

Ken Dryden
Pros – As a former NHL hockey star Dryden enjoys fantastic name recognition.

Cons – Zzzzzzzzzzzz …. Oops sorry guess I dozed off there for a second

Dominic Leblanc
Pros – This New Brunswick MP is young, bright and telegenic.

Cons – Who?

Justin Trudeau
Pros – Let’s face it, he is blessed with a magic and legendary political name – Justin. Also his father was kind of famous and he can count on the endorsement of family friend Fidel Castro.

Cons – To use the correct political science term, Trudeau is a "flake".

Roman Polanksi
Pros – A famous Hollywood director, Polanski would win the support of the trendy and hip culture crowd.

Cons – He will soon be a con.

That's my list.

I hope in some small way it is helpful to the Liberal Party, which these days needs all the help it can get.


jckirlan said...

Hey, finally a non-CPC bashing article. Kind of witty too. Congratulations.

Skinny Dipper said...

Canada's political parties are shifting their ideological beliefs.

Based on Grimm's Law of consonant shifts, Jack Layton will become the new Liberal leader. Ignatieff will be the next Conservative leader. Harper will lead the new NDP.

Based roughly on Grimm's Law of Consonant shifts, Jack Layton will become Yak Laydun. Michael Ignatieff will become My-ho Enough-chief. Stephen Harper will become Step-on Krap-a.

DeeDee said...

Next election Harper squeeks a majority (Sorry Gerry) because of Iggy's implosion.

Iggy is immediately deposed and Rae wins easily because he has put his own people in place prior to the vote and knifed the old leader in the back, as all Liberal leaders do.

Layton steps down because his party loses seats and the party wants a change.

Rae shifts the Liberals to the left and negotiates a merger with the NDP calling the new party Liberal Democrats.

Right leaning Libs move to the Conservatives.

Two party system, Quebec gets a third choice in the Bloc.

Once the heavy lifting and merger work is complete Justin Trudeau replaces Rae as the new Liberal Democratic leader and the Conservative counter with Ben Mulroney after Harper retires.

Babylonian777 said...

"Hey, finally a non-CPC bashing article. Kind of witty too. Congratulations."

lmao, I was just thinking that as well.

A fine post.

MrEd said...

Justin Trudeau replaces Rae as the new Liberal Democratic leader and the Conservative counter with Ben Mulroney after Harper retires...

now that's something I can see happening...LMAO!

If they duke it out I'm not sure the outcome...mulroney as a puffed up poparotzi or Trudeau as a failed elementry school teacher...tough call!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, enjoyed that, this is your forte writing this kind of stuff. We could add a lot of people to this list but notice the minimal qualifications each of them would have. You know your organization is dying when there is no one of quality to step in to assume leadership roles. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many leaders the Libs would chew through if they delivered 2 back to back minorities with a third pending?