Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Media Alert II

I am scheduled to be on the Charles Adler Show (Corus Radio Network) at 4:30 PM to talk about honesty in politics. (We I seem to be an expert on this subject since the National Post picked up on my recent blog posting.)

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Blame Crash said...

"Honesty in Politics" doesn't seem to be too hot of a topic around here, eh Ger.

Now if you were to discuss "Honesty in the Media", I'm sure that would get a little more attention. Especially if someone would call out the lying, lib luvin Toronto media like that Glenn Beck fella does with those lying, dem luvin American media types.

Did you get a chance to see that corny article that Giggles wrote today at the Globe & Mail? It was called “Iffy stands Firm in Quebec”. Then the first paragraph reads “Michael Ignatieff is refusing to retreat in Quebec, defiantly showing up at a party fundraiser in suburban Montreal Tuesday night to signal to Liberals that he is still in charge.” This article would have been better titled “Giggles in Love”.

Do these people not see what transparently Liberal cheerleaders they are? What amateurs! I cooked up a comment and fired it in. So, if you don’t mind , I’ll do my own MEDIA ALERT here.

“This article is just another humorous example of the Toronto media defending one of their own. The attempt at getting us to believe that Iffy walking around with a Fleur-de-lis imbedded into his chest is a normal sighting and is as “normal as can be” is worth quite the laugh. Just wait a while and he’ll also have a cowboy boot dangling from his backside. Then the media can do a glowing tribute article on how good he is at accessorizing. Enough said !!”