Saturday, October 17, 2009

National Post slams Tory hubris

The National Post has an excellent editorial today which goes after the Conservative government's blatant use of tax dollars for partisan self-promotion.

Here's a sampling:

The latest uproar, over the government's propensity for including its party logo on giant ceremonial cheques used to distribute stimulus money, could be dismissed as just more of the same, were it not for the brazenness of the Tory reaction.

The Prime Minister's Office sent out a memo to MPs advising that logos were not allowed, but chief spokesman Dimitri Soudas assured local MPs there was nothing to stop them putting their own names on the cheques, and defended their right to claim credit for successfully funneling public money to benefit their ridings.

That's an attitude we've seen before, from haughty and complacent Liberal regimes so accustomed to power they came to treat it as a right. After less than four years in office, the Harper government appears to have similarly lost sight of the fact the money it spreads around so enthusiastically belongs to Canadians, not to Conservatives.

The aim of stimulus money is to offset the worst effects of a re-cessionary economy, not to win votes for the local Tory MP.

This government spends heavily on promoting itself. Canadians have become accustomed to TV ads presenting its economic program as a Conservative good deed, paid for with taxes that could have been put to better use elsewhere. When Conservative MPs hand over money, they not only put their own name on the cheque, the do their best to prevent MPs from any other party showing up to share in the credit.

Mr. Harper is fortunate for the moment in facing a disorganized and ineffective opposition, but Michael Ignatieff may yet figure out how to offer a viable alternative.

Hypocrisy and hubris lost the Liberals the support of Canadians, and cost them their hold on power.

They could do the same for the Conservatives if they continue disregard the principles they were elected on.


Anonymous said...

The Alberta PCP is in the midst of a revolt by the electorate over the same issues that are now infecting the federal Conservatives. The public (at least those with half a brain or more)will only tolerate being ignored and treated like mushrooms for so long. When they are finally fed up the mood turns very quickly and decisively.

Blame Crash said...

Just another Toronto newspaper slamming the Tories.

What a surprise!

Actually, what’s really gotten under their skin is the fact that that spigot of money should be funneled Toronto’s way. You can sum up their attitude this way : “Don’t those Conservative’s know how desperate all us corporate welfare bums in Toronto and Montreal have become! That should be OUR money”

Ohhh, how they miss those Liberals, eh Gerry. Especially the media where they’re missed in both the corporate head office and the editorial office.

KURSK said...

Tell me, how many cheques had the Conservative logo on it?


Blame Crash said...

I watch very little TV, but I certainly don’t buy in to the Toronto media’s narrative that “Canadians have become accustomed to TV ads presenting its economic program as a Conservative good deed, paid for with taxes that could have been put to better use elsewhere.”

If anything, the TV ads are in response to the Toronto media’s totally irresponsible reporting. If they told the truth about things, it wouldn’t need to be done. But no, telling the truth just isn’t their forte, is it!

The Canadian media is following in the footsteps of their like minded leftist in the American media. They think that if their American friends can get a vacant fa├žade like Obama elected, then surely, they should be able to get a foreigner like Iffy in to the Prime Ministers office.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Kursk -- the problem is the mindset that went behind plastering that logo on the cheque.

Blame Crash -- Are you actually suggesting the National Post is left wing!!??

Blame Crash said...

I’ve been too busy to follow this thing close enough, but are you kidding me kurst!!

Only ONE !!

Good grief Gerry! And you work for these characters!!

Yup! It smells like another case of “burnt host”

Blame Crash said...

"MEME Wing" is what they are.

Blame Crash said...

Only “ONE!”

You’d think it was “Murder One” by the way the media is acting. As I said above “totally irresponsible”.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Blame Crash -- why not read the editorial.

There is more to this story than just a logo.

The Tories are guilty of using taxpayers dollars to brag about how many taxpayer dollars they are spending.

That's the same kind of cynical stuff the Liberals used to to.

So you OK with the Tories acting like Liberals?

Blame Crash said...

But and then again, I guess it’s not hard to conceptualize their beliefs that it is “Murder One” of themselves.

They’re doing everything possible to scratch the back of the Liberals so they can help them from continuing this circling of the toilet bowl.

Do us all a favor and scratch harder. Better yet, use a cat instead. Hat Tip : There’s one at the Calgary Zoo with lots of experience.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, isn't that a Conservative "C" on the cover of "Loyal to the Core". And I see Stephen Harper's name plastered on the book too.

What a brazen attempt to gain self-promotion and personal financial benefit off of the Conservative party and its leader.

Hypocritical, don't you think.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Shhh, don't tell anybody.

gimbol said...

Just a thought?

With the criticism of partisan use of tax payer dollars, how hard would it be for Harper to find 12 opposition MP's to support a confidence motion to eliminate that $1.95 per vote subsidy provided for by the tax payer?
Thats provided for thr express purpose of funding partisan expences, and its the tax payers money....evreybody would be in favour right Gerry?