Thursday, October 15, 2009

Media Alert

I am scheduled to be a guest on the World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge (CHQR Calgary) this evening at 10:00 PM EST.

Topic: Logos, as in the Conservative logo appearing on government cheques.


Larry said...

Remember to mention Liberal logo's appearing in a similar fashion. SDA post "What Would Jean Chretien Do?"

Iain G. Foulds said...

... The amusing irony to this whole "logo-gate" scandal actually only reinforces the visual image of the Conservatives as the government of Canada.
... Good work, Liberals!

Ontario Girl said...

Also, remember who the Liberals said this deficet belongs their words.."The Conservatives."Therefore, why shouldn't the Conservatives have their logo on the 5' cardboard cheques? Don't tell me the flip flop libs now are changing their minds and want "CREDIT" now? LMHO

wilson said...

Gerry, remember, this national scandal is about the Cons (the governing party) getting a photo-op.

Now Layton has set out guidelines, for this photo-op,
and says no Cons MPs should be at this photo-op if in Dipper riding.

The Government of Canada is handing out pork, (Cons are the governing party btw Jack)
and Layton does not want a government rep at the photo-op.....

isn't that exactly why they are attacking the Cons,
for making like it is a CPC handout?
But jack wants the photo-op to look like an NDP handout instead.....stupid.