Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Libertas Post

As some of you may know, I am working on an exciting new website called Libertas Post.

“Libertas” is Latin for “freedom” And freedom is what I want this site to be about.

More specifically, I want to provide a conservative voice for Canadians who cherish things like free markets, smaller government and individual freedom.

My hope is that this site will not only provide a conservative perspective on political events, but that it will also energize the conservative community into helping make this country a freer better place.

Fighting for freedom isn’t new for me. For 22 years I worked with the National Citizens Coalition, overseeing that group’s communication and media campaigns.

Now I want to continue fighting the good fight through the Libertas Post.

I encourage everybody out there to check it out. I also encourage everybody to post blogs, to leave comments, to fill out our surveys and to subscribe to our free newsletter.

And if these words don't stir you to action, just get a load of my first-ever video:


Anonymous said...

That's the first time I've ever seen you live.

Man, you're a real milquetoast.

JDot said...

Site looks great Gerry, good stuff.

I think it is time to mothball this blog and use that site. It really looks good.


Gerry Nicholls said...

Hey Anon:

Seems to me the real milquetoast is someone who hurls insults anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the real milquetoast is someone who hurls insults anonymously.

You're right, I'm a coward. You're a brave, Spartan Freedom Warrior, championing mediocrity wherever you find it.

Gerry Nicholls said...

"Spartan freedom warrior" I like that.