Friday, October 09, 2009

How to win a Nobel Prize

I just sent the following letter to Norway:

Dear Nobel Prize Committee:

I believe in peace and fervently hope that all nations can be really nice and kind to each other.

I dream of a world where lunatic Iranian leaders will make Israelis their Facebook friends, where demented, egomaniacal dictators will use their nuclear reactors to power Ferris Wheels instead of bombs and where Al Qaeda terrorists will exchange their box-cutters for X-Boxes.

And I pray every night for sunshine and rainbows

Now that you know where I stand, when can I collect my Nobel Prize?

Yours truly,

Gerry Nicholls

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AToryNoMore said...

Obama and America are on a roll. Not only is Obama recognised for a Nobel peace Prize but the US displaces Canada as the most well liked nation in categories.

An interesting article to read.

Anonymous said...

Obama keeps company with Gore, Carter and Kofi so maybe it's not that shocking afterall. Pattipage

Anonymous said...

Really brave to support a robust aggressive stance with respect to foreign relations when other people are sent to die for it, while you flit from sinecure to sinecure, eh Milquetoast?

Although, I agree that this award is nonsense.

Bill the Elder said...

Well Gary if you tap out at the 2 fer a buck Nobel prize fire sale, We will award you the Hopey-changey unicorns'n'rainbows candyland rubber ducky for beautiful sentiment.

Beauty way 't go eh hoser.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous #2:

So...taking little hit and run pot shots at Gerry somehow qualifies you as being a courageous "macho man"? LOL.

Grow some stones and tell us what you stand for. (Assuming you stand for anything).


Anonymous said...

That's not how you win one, you have to work for the new world order is all it takes, be prepared to sell your fellow man into slavery, create a terrorist nation or just cause chaos around the world.
Obama's going for all three.

Anonymous said...

Grow some stones and tell us what you stand for. (Assuming you stand for anything).

Peace, Order and Good government. And having a documented record of progressive employment.

Anonymous said...

So anonymous has a documented record of "progressive employment".

His parents must be so proud.