Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canada's Top Five Political Blunders

Ever wondered what were the worst political blunders in Canadian history.

Well wonder no more -- here's the official list.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest the Liberal "Greenshift" election platform was a blunder that is deserving of the list.It was confusing,expensive and did not set any targets for the reduction of GHG's.

Martin's "Mad as hell" tour was a bust as well.

Anonymous said...

Nicholls your list may be accurate for major "arrogance" attacks but are hardly blunders affecting the entire nation.

I agree with 12:16 PM that the green shift was a massive blunder and would add to that Trudeau's NEP. The NEP has left deeply embedded scars on the political landscape whereas the aftermath of Peterson or John Tory is really minor.
Don't confuse political ego with disasterous policy.

St. Paul's

Bert said...

I disagree with the "John Tory Gets An Education" item. The faith based initiative was only a small part of the Conservatives platform, yet McSquinty & his Liberals kept bringing it up ad nauseum.
I vote for the Green Shift, and the Liberal crowning Igantieff as Liberal Party Leader with no competition.

Gerry Nicholls said...

The "Green Shift" plan would be #6 on the list; picking Stephane Dion as leader would be #7.

Thermblog said...

For sheer entertainment value, there's no beating the "Coalition Speech Late Tape Event" of Dec. 2008. Dion managed to get the media huffy at him - an almost impossible feat for a Liberal. The look on Bob Fife's face alone, was worth the price of admission.

Anonymous said...

Glad you tagged Mitless Joe's blunder as the cause of the NEP. He escaped public ire for that out west. Except perhaps in High River Alberta where I understand they threw rocks at him as a kid ;-)

Not to PMSH: Maybe Albertans have a sixth sense for detecting sell outs.