Sunday, October 04, 2009

Canada's Political Idol

In a stunning political move, Prime Minister Stephen Harper scored a “game changer” on Saturday night when he wowed a National Arts Centre gala by playing the piano and belting out a Beatles tune.

When the surprising performance was over, the crowd, made up of artists who are typically hostile towards the Prime Minister, stood up in unison and chanted. “We want a grant, we want a grant.”

A senior Conservative strategist later told the media, “We wanted to show the country that the Prime Minister wasn’t just a policy wonk, but a policy wonk who could play a musical instrument.”

Caught off guard by the new Conservative strategy, the other parties are now scrambling to play catch up.

Word has it that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will stand up in Question Period tomorrow, slip on a fedora, and croon the Leonard Cohen hit “Closing Time.”

Meanwhile, NDP leader Jack Layton and the Bloc Quebecois’s Gilles Duceppe have joined forces to create a rock band called “The New Coalition.”

“We are primarily going to be a Rolling Stones cover band,” explained Layton. “We will not allow the Prime Minister to corner the market on golden oldies. If anyone should represent 1960s attitudes it’s us.”

In a related development, Elections Canada recently announced that Simon Cowell will determine the winner of the next Canadian election.


wilson said...

So it's been Laureen Harper heading the CPC strategy committee all along.
who knew?

Anonymous said...

The problem is with record unemployment and massive deficits, this sort of stunt -- and let's be honest, that's what this was -- has the danger of portraying a PM as out-of-touch and disengaged.

Platty said...

Hey anon, lighten up, all this shows is that Prime Minsiter Harper is a man for all seasons, as he carried himself, and the tune, very, very well.

Fay said...

Give me a break anonymous! It is a well known tradition of Canadians that during times of trouble we sing. Are you really Canadian Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

dear anon @ 12:19:

You're absolutely right you know. To show that he wasn't out of touch with the average hard-pressed Canadian, Harper should have torn a page out of that book of former Liberal PM, Jean Chretien.

PMSH should have invited a couple of homeless people up to the stage and strangled them, right?

De-butt thine noggin, and give it a good shake.

wilson said...

Oh anon, kick back and enjoy what 'ordinary people' do on a Saturday night.
Your Prime Minister rocked the house. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit Harper looks better at the piano than in front of a fireplace! Pattipage

Anonymous said...

Now Ignatieff is going to have to play catch-up to put some of the light back on him now; probably something similar. But it will be contrived.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

great Christmas tune:

"...Igg-nuts roasting on an open fire..."

Anyone got the skills to produce a CD sleeve of "PMSH's Greatest Hits?"

I'm sure the libranos are dying to get this as a stocking stuffer. AND, I'll bet it outsells anything the wankoids put out under the title "Feces from Hades."

wilson said...

Maybe Iffy was just as happy to have the limelight off of the troubles in Liberaland.

Anonymous said...

Hey TangoJuliette, Platty et al:

If you can stop yourself from giving your political masters virtual BJs, perhaps you should read what I said: ".. danger of .."

In other words, stunts can backfire if they're repeated too often. Got it, butt-wipes :-)

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

quoting anon@2:52. " other words, stunts can backfire if they're repeated too often. Got it, butt-wipes :-)..."

Exactly. Your oral fixation transference has been noted. Note also please. One PM can only strangle no more than a very limited number of homeless types, before this gambit falls into disfavour with the general voting public.

Also noted: your stunts [mainly one-trick pony show stuff] can't backfire anymore. They've been repeated way too often. You've really got this failure to effectively communicate thing nailed down pretty well, you butt-wipes :-)

t.e. & o.e.

CT said...

Oh anon, you're just jealous. Our guy does stunts better than your guy.

I mean, at least our guy didn't get misdirected to play in an empty piano bar filled with weedy customers instead of the NAC.

Out of touch. Not likely. It was a fundraiser for youth in the performing arts. That's what charitable people do for worthwhile organizations when times get tough.

Anonymous said...

That's what charitable people do for worthwhile organizations when times get tough.

Touching, yes. I guess using needy kids as your personal political trampoline is considered charitable. Interesting.

Here is a message to Harper's elves: stop trying to get people to like him. It hasn't worked the past four years, it never will. All these stunts make him look like a fake.

Focus on competence instead. Firmness. Toughness. You know, things he may know how to be without faking it.

Very few people liked Maggie Thatcher, and yet, people still voted for her. Why? Because people respected the fact that she was genuine.

People will never like Harper or be fond of him. However, there is still a chance they may respect him, unless of course he keeps blowing borrowed taxpayers' money on transparent stunts and shiny ads.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

wot! You dare iquestion the motives of the mighty YoYo Ma and those of the rest of the musicians and spectators?

Anon: Ya gota be a brown-nosing brown envelope Librano ass-hat.You are truly beyond the pale.

And then...Then you have the temerity to pose as one who speaks for "people." All? Some? Left handed? Homophobes like you? Asshatted libranoidtards?


Beyond any need for further discussion/interaction.

piss off, wanker.

t.e. & o.e.

Bill the Elder said...

Right on Anon! You stole my thunder on this tacky little bit of personality cult pimping.

As this thread bears out, you get no respect in the so called big tent these days if you ain't a lock-step groupie.

Davisville Village Toronto said...

It was a nice performance. Harper should stick to playing piano and singing instead of leading the country, haha. Wondering what Ignatieff will do now.


Gordie Canuk said...

Lo freaking L Gerry, you have to be just about the funniest Libertarian Conservative I've ever come across.

Give it up, when not dabbling in politics you moonlight as a writer for Rick Mercer...Don't you?