Saturday, March 29, 2008

My house will be lit up bright

As this recent satellite image proves, every hour is "Earth Hour" in North Korea.

Anyway, I plan to have every incandescent light bulb in my house lit tonight, so that when aliens peer down on the planet tonight between 8 and 9 PM, they will know at least one human didn't succumb to group think.


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna have all the lights on and I will start my two vehicles and let them idle

Anonymous said...

The little light in Pyongyang is the Dear Leader's socialist apartment flat.

Anonymous said...

God bless South Korea.

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't this just grown up and all.

It's voluntary - idiots.

I'm turning mine off and trying these new battery candles - I live in rural Ontario and our power goes out quite frequently during storms - we'll see how they do.

What you people afraid of the dark??? Need you kiddie night lights??? LOL

Gerry Nicholls said...

Hey anon # 4:

Hope you have fun sitting in the dark awaiting Master Suzuki's next command.

WE Speak said...

Call me a capitalist, but I work every day at reducing my energy usage, it keeps more money in my pocket.

Anonymous said...


What a load of phony, self-indulgent, trash this "hour" is. Here in Toronto, it sounds like their are multiple helicopter out documenting the event. You can taste the irony.

Anonymous said...

This is what the commies want.. us to go back to the dark ages like their buddies in NK. I say this: why don't you all leave us alone and move there! problem solved, nuff said. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

I also left my lights on last night, as I always do. My idea of an evening's entertainment is not to hunker down in a dark room waiting for the sunrise!

Funny how these environuts call themselves "progressives". Isn't reverting to the dark ages by turning off power usage kinda the exact opposite of being "progressive"?

If these deluded people truly believe that CO2 emmissions are a problem, then why the hell can't they find a more progressive solution? Find a better way to produce the power we all need. Moving back to the caveman era is just plain stupid.

rondi adamson said...

BBS, I completely agree with you. But that's what is silly about Earth Hour. In my home, I keep lights off in the rooms I am not using, on a daily basis. Yet in the city of Toronto, we were told that during Earth Hour, only "essential" lights would be kept on. Well why in the heck are there inessential ones on the rest of the time? Sounds like the genius of our Mayorness to me.

zolton said...

"Hope you have fun sitting in the dark awaiting Master Suzuki's next command."
Receiving commands?
No this isn't the Conservative caucus in the parliament.
Do those people even have minds of their own?

The hilarious thing is is that you couldn't turn off the television for one hour.
If you did you would have forgotten your preprogrammed individuality and you might have cracked up!

Suzuki is a scientist that lives in the REAL world. Television and conservative politics in general are complete fantasy worlds, progressed to you by a system we created and no longer have control of.
Who is in control?
The ultimate metaphysical tools, doing things yet not knowing what they do!
You complain when some tries to do something positive. PATHETIC!
Just sit there and watch your commercials and buy!
Who is the real sheep here?
Why not evolve A little and become aware of being aware!
If you selfishly abuse life for you're higher quality of life, are you not saying through your actions that you do not like existence?

You're own pathetic flash in the pan interpretation of it, should not override the AWESOME continuation/application of it!
You're life is a grain of sand within a desert.
Lets let mankind pull up it's pants so that people can experience experience for another million years!
I happen to LOVE life, not just my own miserable existence. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it was actually very nice. My whole street had their lights out - we had candles on and great conversation. It was peaceful with no distractions.

We should do it more often.

Booo-booo - CPC's are afraid of the dark.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zolton,

I agree with one thing that you said. You're life truly is miserable. You and the rest of the bandwagon environuts are full of self loathing.

As for me, I was loving life Saturday evening, basking in the intense glow of a 300 Watt bulb.

I think I even got a bit of a tan!


Anonymous said...

You are an odd duck Zoltan. How can you both love life have a miserable existence. And what was that about pulling up your pants?

zolton said...

anonymous, Didn't quite get it did you?
If you say you value these material things yet only are responsible to make sure that YOU experiences these things rather then the continuation of the species to EXPERIENCE, then you do not value what you say you value at all!

Again you do things yet not know what you do! LoL
Anonymous, once you can enjoy existence past your own flash in the pan existence (not let death bother you) then you can appreciate so much more.
The ego (who you think you are) is whats blinding you from whats out there.
Have you ever thought of an original thought anonymous?
Are you so different then me physically or mentally?
Who YOU are is a template of an individual propagated to you by a systematization of our labor forces.
No thoughts are you're own, unless your a genius like me and create a new relevant thought up.
Sadly lemmings like thou rarely produce relevant thoughts let alone new ones.

So sorry but YOU are a product of your enviroment. IE: paternalism Societal conditioning Geography position etc...
It's just to bad that your enviroment was either a trailer park or a gated ivory tower.

To reiterate the above the things you believe in are not necessarily rational/real, but that your enviroment pushed within your mind some false notions!
Could this be true? of course!

So why do you buy into into right wing rhetoric so vehemently?

The right has to manipulate the emotional condition in order to garner support. The emotions they prey on override your reasoning for you are naive of what the real picture is and do not know any better.
The right is better as seducing the uninformed with the fear and anger.
Most of you "fools" are innocent.
Sure there might be some real conservatives nihilists and evil ones out there but those are just the ones in power.

For what is a conservative politician but a mouthpiece to a power system that we created.
A system that is thousands of years old and has not adapted to new realities.

So we use an old system when new realities ferment everyday? Crazy! And people are so bloody brainwashed to think that that system is PERFECT!
Of course you have never seen a movie about a philosopher or an anti commercial commercial, hence you are not an individual but a byproduct of a super system.

If left wingers are sheep then the right are lemmings going off a cliff.
Now anonymous how can I prove what I say about you to be true?
What is the last thing you wrote?
I guess that's a reference to the aging rapper who bought that TV show for himself.
Doesn't that show how little there is of you within you?
You have to quote pop references. LoL That's what you are nothing more nothing less.
Or can you shut me up?

zolton said...

My existence is miserable because I peruse conservative blogs and read conservative columnists.
A humanist who keeps getting kicked in the balls when I see some of the garbage out there.
(at least you guy's aren't openly racist.)
All I want in this life is to know on my deathbed that the monkies are going to pull up their pants and get things in order on this planet.
So we can protect the entity that produced and keeps producing human animal and plant life.
The planet is the body and the soul of our being, and we are the mind of that entity.
Were just to stupid at the moment to do things properly with foresight of what we do.

The guy holding up the sign saying "the world is gonna end" is just a guy saying to us all that he see's no ability within man to do things properly.
I see that mankind has the ability to "pull it's pant's up" but get discouraged when I see garbage like this post.

Like what is it's purpose but the most inner pathetic spite of what is good.
Oh wait were all sheep becuase were doing something smart and sensible and positive as opposed to the negative brainwash you receive.

I hope you all can see how pathetic some of the attitudes were that appeared in this thread.

Life yeah sometimes it can be shitty and sometimes it can be the most bittersweet powerful moments.

It's the good and it's the bad. The bloody experiences is worth it!
Just eat a delicious sandwich! And enjoy it like it was your first! Don't compare your sandwich to your neighbors fancy sandwich or the sandwich on TV. Just be happy that you have a half decent sandwich!

Anonymous said...

Zolton, I think Gerry sees himself as more of a libertarian than a conservative per say. Flavr flav (if that is indeed your real name) you should let Zolton have the last word, just leave the room and don't make eye contact if you get my meaning.