Saturday, March 08, 2008

Reasons to Subscribe to Reason

After months of procrastinating I finally got around to subscribing to Reason magazine, the journal of "free minds and free markets."

And I am glad I did; it's a fun read and quite informative.

Plus it's refreshing.

Reason looks at politics and culture from a radical capitalistic point of view, the kind of perspective you won't get from your standard, run of the mill conservative publications.

I highly recommend it to libertarians or to those curious about the philosophy of libertarianism.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of free minds and free speech...

I think I got kicked off the G&M Liberal threads merely for pointing out that while you guys were having a snow storm today, it is a balmy 13 degrees celsius in Halifax...

Oh, and unemployment in Halifax
(4.4) is also lower than in Toronto (6.5)...

Sheesh! What sore losers those Toronto Liberal types are?