Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Open the Window Aunt Minnie, here comes the MLB

The Major League Baseball season (finally) begins today.

And I have figured out a fool proof way the Toronto Blue Jays can make the play-offs.

All the Jays need do is move from the American League East and into the National League Central.

Anyway, to help us get into the proper baseball spirit here are some of the top home run calls as determined by the Baseball Almanac:

Wayne Hagan

"A high fly ball hit to deep ______. Took it to the track...wall...see. You. LATER!"
Michael Reghi

"Back, back, back, back... Gone!"
Chris Berman of ESPN

"Bonsoir, elle est partie!" French for "So long, she's gone!"
Rodger Brulotte

"Bye bye baby!"
Russ Hodges

"Forget it!"
Vin Scully

"Get out the rye bread and mustard grandma, cause it's GRAND SALAMI TIME!"Dave Neihaus

"Get up, get outa here, gone for _____!"
Bob Uecker

"Going back (outfielder's name), at the track, at the wall... SSSEEYA!"
Michael Kay / YES Network

"Goodbye baseball!"
Dick Risenhoover

"Goodbye Dolly Grey!"
Leo Durocher

"Hey hey!"
Jack Brickhouse

"Holy Cow!"
Phil Rizzuto

"It could be, it might be... It is, A home run!"
Harry Caray

"It's going, going... gone!"
Harry Hartman

"Kiss it goodbye!"
Bob Prince

"Long drive, way back, warning track wall, you cantouch em' all (player name)."
Greg Schulte

"Long gone!"
Ernie Harwell

"Open the window Aunt Minnie, here it comes!"
Rosey Roswell

"...swing and there it goes.... light tower power! Manny Ramirez."
Jerry Trupiano (Red Sox Radio Announcer)

"Swung on and there it goes! That ball is high! It is far! It is........GONE!"
John Sterling (formerly) of YESNetwork

"Tell it goodbye!"
Lon Simmons / Jon Miller

"That ball is going and it ain't coming back!"
Jeff Kingery

"That ball is history!"
Eric Nadel

"They usually show movies on a flight like that."
Ken Coleman

"Watch that baby... Outta here!"
Harry Kalas

"Whattaya think about that?"
Rob Faulds

"Whoo, boy! Next time around, bring me back my stomach!"
Jack Brickhouse

"You can put it on the board.. Yessssssss!"
Ken "Hawk" Harrelson


Anonymous said...

C'mon Gerry. You couldn't find one catch phrase from the legendary Tom Cheek or Jerry Howarth.

How can Jays fans get in the spirit whn your rooting for the other teams's announcers? ;)

Jason Hickman said...

Maybe he didn't make memorable HR calls day-to-day, but Anon is right about Cheek - he belongs in the archives for this if nothing else!