Friday, March 07, 2008

Dion's Emision Omission

Here's a column I wrote which appears in today's Windsor Star.

It's about how Liberal leader Stephane Dion's green policies might make his party blue.


bigcitylib said...

Of course Clinton said exactly opposite that, as was demonstrated minutes after the misquote hit the blogisphere. You writing about lies that were debunked over a month ago. No wonder you can't get your columns in a real newspaper.

Robert McClelland said...

BCL has already tackled your lie so I'll address this idiocy.

The only effective way to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions is to slow down economic growth.

Wrong. In fact cutting down on ghg emissions is a part of the fastest growing economic sector on the planet; the green sector which will double in size to a half trillion dollars this year.

Much of the technology needed to reduce ghg emissions already exists. All that is required is that it be put into use (ie. replace incandescent lights with cfc lights). And doing so on a global scale will trigger an economic boom.

Anonymous said...

ie. replace incandescent lights with cfc lights

So we'll just ignore the impending mercury issue with the cfc's, right Bob?

What else have you got for technology that "already exists"? Electric cars? We're going to generate clean power how? Windmills??? Solar cells? ROI on those is about -1000%.

Anonymous said...

The lefties never seem to look past their noses when it comes to there retarded "green" initiatives. They want cfc's and end up with tonnes of mercury to dispose of. Remember when they trumped biofuels as the new way to go? Now we see the price to be paid for diverting crops.

Oh oh! Mass starvation on the commune you say?

Robert McClelland said...

So we'll just ignore the impending mercury issue with the cfc's, right Bob?

Coal powered generating stations release more mercury into the atmosphere than cfc bulbs contain. And the technology to recover mercury from cfc lightbulbs already exists.

Robert McClelland said...

Remember when they trumped biofuels as the new way to go?

Yes I do. I also remember that environmentalists came to the conclusion that biofuels are not the way to go and that the only people who endorse them now are Harper.

Anonymous said...

When someone says that there is technology for anything that can cause an economic global boom and make the world a better place, but, you need to vote out a certain political party or vote in a certain political party to get access to said technology it should remind everyone one the "a fool and his money" saying. Oh ya, cool article in the Ottawa Citizen today about Al Gore now having a net worth of over 100 million US...I'm pretty sure thats not what you meant by global economic boom. billg