Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Backwards Bob is Back

Well Bob Rae is officially a Liberal Member of Parliament.

Good for him.

Of course, his real goal isn't simply to be a mere MP. The former NDP socialist wants nothing less than to be Prime Minister.

Only that way can he erase his current legacy of being the worst Premier in the history of Ontario.

Mind you it won't be easy.

Lots of Liberals are not too happy with Rae's ambitions.

I remember last year talking to a Liberal Party activist who said she would rather "eat glass" than see Rae take over her party.

Should be a fun party to watch over the next little while.


Anonymous said...

I am very much so looking forward to Rae's effect on the LPT (Liberal Party of Toronto).

KURSK said...

Oh yes..Bob Rae is a perfect example of neo-Marxism entering mainstream politics through the back door.

If Canadians don't twig to the fact that gents like Bob Rae and his Power corp buddies are preparing to turn this country hard left, they had better wake up and soon..

Bob Rae may have changed suits, but he is as red as they come.

Brian said...

I am not certain what to make of Rae's entrance into the Liberal Party , but I suspect it may spook more than a few voters who have tended to vote for the Liberals , thinking they are voting for a "centrist" party.

On the one hand a lot of the younger voters (if they bother to vote) probably don't know Rae from a hole in the ground.

On the other hand , many older voters from Ontario will remember the disaster Bob Rae (NPD) created.

Then , there are the immigrant voters in the GTA , most of whom probably have no idea who Bob Rae is except that he is a Liberal.

I personally think the GTA is a lost cause for the Conservatives with or without Rae in the running.

Thucydides said...

While Comrade Bob is indeed a threat to the established order, I think his chances have already come and gone.

The Liberal Party is fractured at the moment and is virtually bankrupt as well. Either of these conditions is serious, but together it would take many years to put right. Assuming Bob Rae actually tries to do this (rather than rely on the Chretien/Power Corp wing of the party to carry his vision forward against the Martin wing), he will discover the Liberals, desperate to put the past behind them, have gone and chosen Justin Trudeau to be their savior.

Even if he simply decides to indulge in factional warfare within the party to achieve his goals, the current example of Obmamania will make Liberals look away from Bob Rae or Micheal Ignatiff as potential leaders of the party. Why be about ideas when you can be about "change"?

Anonymous said...

this damn silver spoon socialist declared me rich while he was premier of ontario. what a disaster he will be for our country. what will we do when the natural wealth that we have is gone. no more government and lots of freezing, hungry people. maybe not in my lifetime but it will happen.

Anonymous said...

So Gerry, by Bob logic, if reducing the number of doctors in medical school solves the medical system cost issues (done when premier), will he reduce the number of business school and commerce school students to thwart a recession?

Bob Rae is a sock puppet for whomever will keep him in a power position... namely the Desmarais empire.

Anonymous said...

As is the norm on the left, if Bob Rae can lead them back to the trough, his policies and failures of the past will be forgotten or ignored. There is one single ethic and philosphy for Liberals and that is WIN. They will vote for or against anything to avoid an election if it isn't in their own narrow-minded political interest - the country be damned. This is why they have been so successful - there is no objection to lying, stealing, manipulating, or cheating - if it gets them elected they will do it and sleep well at night - Rae fits well into the Liberal breed but I am not too sure if Iggy will be all that comfortable now that the extreme left has a death grip on the party - I know of no informed person who puts Dion at the centre or even a bit left of centre and that goes for Rae also. Both are hard left and will try to drag the party to them. Iggy will be forced to take a back seat or resign because he will probably refuse to drink that kool-aid. Should be interesting.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Likely scenario...
... Mr. Rae will be elected the new Liberal leader- as there is really no one else even close. Mr. Ignatieff will return to the academic world- where he should have stayed.
... As the economy takes a serious down-turn, Canadian's ingrained socialism will turn to Mr. Rae's promises of government "coming to the rescue", and he will be elected the next prime minister.
... And really, all because Mr. Harper failed to use his time in office to educate people against the philosophy of socialism- having heeded the advice of people like Mr. Flanagan to attempt to be all things to all people, and losing himself in the process.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think his election will actually be a good thing for the Liberals. Yes he was a terrible premier, but being a good PM and opposition leader and totally different things. I think Rae would be an excellent opposition leader but lousy PM. With Dion the exact opposite is true so he makes up for Dion's weakness. Also he could still be a decent cabinet minister if in the right portfolio (Just make sure it isn't finance). After all, in the private sector, there are many people who are outstanding heads of a department but would make terrible CEOs. I would argue Bob Rae fits this bill.

Also Mike Harris is pretty reviled by a lot in Ontario. Bob Rae is hated by far more than Mike Harris, but the intensity of hatred to Mike Harris by those who dislike him is far stronger than the hatred to Bob Rae. Any government that radically slashes government in its size is going to be hated by 50% automatically as unfortunately too many people equate compassion with an activist government. So my point is Bob Rae really won't by that much more of a liability than Baird or Flaherty are.