Monday, March 31, 2008

Gospel According to Marx

The latest issue of Maclean's magazine highlights one of my "Maclean's 50" commentaries.

It's one where I take the Roman Catholic Church to task for concocting a list of trendy "social sins"; It's now a sin, for instance, says the Church to pollute or to create poverty or to have excessive wealth.

In my commentary I say such a list shouldn't surprise anybody because "For a long time now, Church leaders have been preaching the Gospel according to Marx. That's what accounts for my status as a lapsed Catholic".


Anonymous said...

Catchy subject title.

Roy Eappen said...

the Church always forgets the parable of the ten talents. God wants us to get return on our assets!

Roy Eappen said...

Here is the parable.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... From Pope Leo 13th's "Rerum Novarum", to Pope John Paul 2nd's "Centissimus Annus", the Church's position on political economic philosophy has been ambiguous- interpreted as a victory by both the Right and the Left.
... The Church's true position should clearly be to encourage true charity- the FREE giving of one's time and resources to help the less fortunate. The Church's error has been to endorse socialism- the principle of FORCED economic redistribution by the state.

Anonymous said...

WTF Gerry.

This is all BS. Don't you read?

Welcome to the wonderful world of lapsed Catholic axe grinders.

You will go far. You should have a job with a CBC panel by weeks end.