Sunday, March 30, 2008

Killing the Military

Trendy leftists likes to portray themselves as "anti-war".

But more often than not, what they really are is anti-military.

They just don't like or understand soldiers; or maybe it's the military ethos they don't like.

Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau was certainly of this school. As historian J.L. Granatstein put it in his book Who Killed the Canadian Military?, “Trudeau had a low opinion of the military which he believed to be populated by robots trained to kill . . . the generals and their soldiers were dolts, frittering away their time and the government’s money.”

That mentality still permeates the Liberal thought process today and is one reason why Liberals like refer to our men and women in uniform as "peacekeepers" instead of soldiers.

Anyway, I bring this up because Hollywood has come out with yet another anti-military movie called Stop-Loss. Trudeau would have loved it.

Kyle Smith, film critic of the New York Post describes the movie this way: "Stop-Loss is a highly patriotic film, if you happen to dream of the restored caliphate as you sleep in your Osama bin Laden pajamas. Its message is that the good guys are US soldiers who decide to desert, such as a sergeant played by Ryan Phillippe. (Another soldier, played by Channing Tatum ... is the villain: He wants to re-enlist.)"

As in most movies of this kind, American veterans are portrayed as damaged, demented and self-destructive.

As the folks over at Libertas, put it, " This insistent portrayal of these men and women as unstable and dangerous — dehumanized and psychotic — is outright stereotyping and the building of a stigma. It’s a monstrous act performed by these filmmakers and yet they remain undeterred even by box-office humiliation in their cruel objective to lose a war by tearing down our finest."

The good news is Stop-Loss is tanking at the box office, which suggests perhaps that Hollywood's anti-military bias doesn't extend much beyond Beverly Hills.


Anonymous said...

But more often than not, what they really are is anti-military.


Anonymous said...

Yes the Liberals, as well as the gutless NDP have been anti-military.Under the Liberal rule, our military was almost starved half to death.I'm glad to see the present government (The Conservatives) have started to re-build our Canadian military.After yrs of neglect by the Liberals, our military will not be re-built over night.It's going to take some yrs, but at least now something positive is being done.
Thank-you Mr Harper for helping to re-build our Armed Forces

We support our troops and the mission

Anonymous said...

How exactly is a Hollywood movie about the US military in any way an indication of the thoughts or feelings of Canadians?

Patrick Ross said...

There's little question that the Liberals did debilitate Canada's military.

But I'd hardly say that Hollywood has an anti-military bias. Ever seen Top Gun?