Monday, October 24, 2005

Toronto Star Loves Taxes

I am not sure which is more ridiculous, the Toronto Star’s political view of the Liberal Party or its economic view of tax cuts.

In an editorial in today’s paper, the Star seems shocked that the Liberal Party might actually make a decision to cut taxes based on political gain rather than principle.

I mean, come on we are talking about the Liberal Party here, the most cynical, and unprincipled political outfit since the Tammany Hall political machines of the 19th century.

Prime Minister Paul Martin won’t even put a tie on in the morning without consulting an army of spin doctors, pollsters and media consultants.

And what worries the Star is that Martin, in a move to boost his poll numbers, might actually cut taxes.

Writes the Star:

“If the Liberals make the choice they think is best for them, they will be able to do less for poor children who are forced to rely on the charity of food banks go get enough to eat.”

Get that?

If we get a tax cut the Star argues it will turn Canada’s cities into some sort of Dickensian nightmare with armies of starving children roaming the streets.

As usual, of course, the Star has it backyards.

It’s the government’s crushing taxes which are driving us into the workhouses.

The TD Bank reported recently that take home pay for the average Canadians has stagnated for the past 15 years. The reason: high taxes.

Thanks to government, we are working harder and harder and getting less and less. What’s worse, our tax dollars aren’t used to save poor children; they are used to help poor Montreal ad executives, they are used to pay for David Dingwall’s gum; and they are used generally wherever the Liberals think they can buy some votes.

Maybe it’s time the Star got out of its fairy tale world and got a grip on what life is really like for Canadians.

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