Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Layton Comes Calling

Yesterday, Prime Minister Paul Martin met with Condoleezza Rice, envoy of the most powerful nation on earth.

But that’s nothing.

Today, he meets with NDP leader Jack Layton, envoy of the most powerful political party in Canada.

In fact, in the Liberal world Layton, with his 19 precious seats in the House of Commons, is much more important than even the United States of Amercia.

Consider that while Martin is all macho and tough-talking when it comes to dealing with the Americans, he becomes a groveling, kow-towing Super Wimp when Layton comes a calling.

Whatever Layton wants, Martin eagerly delivers on a silver platter.

The last time these two met, Layton demanded the government increase spending and put off promised tax cuts.

Martin delivered.

Now Layton wants Martin to clampdown on private health care, to help ensure cancer patients can’t make use of non-government facilities or treatment.

Martin will once again likely deliver.

Will this mean that sick Canadians will continue to suffer while waiting for government health care?


But Layton doesn’t care because to the NDP anyone who suffers this way is simply a martyr to socialism.

As for Martin, well what’s a little suffering compared to meeting the overall aim of his tenure: to hang onto power no matter what.

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TonyGuitar said...

All very interesting. Let's not overlook that there is now and has been for some time, a very real, allthough unofficial, coalition between the NDP and Libranos.

Alone, they stand weak and humble. Together they stand proud and all powerful. Aroogant in fact.

Focus on fixing things is what we need now.

Focus on ensuring Bill C-11 is enacted with real power through penalties and fines.

This one bill C-11 will do more to boiler plate our revenues from being drained of and laundered than any other dozen bills put together.

Decent Whistle-Blower Protection law that would have protected Allen Cutler 12 years ago when he raised the alarm in Guite's office and could have saved us Billions of tax dollars through the last 11 years. 73s TG