Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lively Seven and the NCC

Good column in today’s Financial Post.

Good because it mentions the National Citizens Coalition.

Actually, Susan Martinuk’s piece is about the Lively Seven, a group of courageous women who are battling against forced unionization.

The NCC is helping to finance the Lively Seven’s legal challenge and this has some union bosses hopping mad.

As Martinuk writes:

The Steelworkers recently issued a press release labeling the Lively Seven as a ‘band of martyrs’ who are being funded and ‘shamelessly exploited by’ a national right-wing, ‘extremist’ group that is never actually named.

This appears to be Canadian union-speak for the equivalent American statement, ‘vast right-wing conspiracy.’

Since the Steelworkers are reluctant to name the groups they target in press releases, I'll do it: The National Citizens Coalition is now assisting the Lively Seven in their legal battle. The group is dedicated to defending basic political and economic freedoms in Canada; no wonder the union feels threatened

You can learn more about this important case by visiting the website

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