Friday, October 21, 2005

Gomery and Tax Cuts

Canadian taxpayers better hope that Justice John Gomery drops a ton of hurt on the Liberal Party when he releases his adscam report on November 1.

If he does, then there’s a good chance the Liberal government will introduce “across –the-board” tax cuts for middle class Canadians as part of its strategy to defuse voter outrage.

Funny how politics works, isn’t it?

Not too long ago, when the National Citizens Coalition or others suggested Canadians needed tax relief, the Liberals and their allies in the media reacted with horror.

“If you cut taxes” they screamed “It will mean our hospitals will have to be gutted, our schools shut down and our environment ruined.”

Now, however, tax cuts are suddenly a key part of the Liberal “prosperity” package.

Of course, if Gomery goes easy on the Liberals on November 1, than tax cuts may go back to being bad again.

As one anonymous Liberal insider told the National Post, “They (the Liberals) want to see how things unfold in the Gomery report [before a final decision of a tax cut announcement is made.]"

This tells you everything you need to know about the Liberal Party: it has no sense of what is right or wrong, it embraces no real values.

Somewhere along the line this party stopped believing in anything. It has no philosophy, no moral compass, and absolutely no principles.

The Liberal Party is a cold, heartless and relentless machine programmed for only one thing: to win elections.

The Liberal Party has no other purpose.

So they won’t cut taxes because Canadians need relief; they won’t cut taxes to help our economy compete in the global economy; they won’t cut taxes out of any sense fiscal concern; but they will cut taxes if it serves a self-serving tactical political need.

All we can do is hope that Gomery provides them with a political need to do the right thing.

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