Monday, October 31, 2005

Jackson Has Some Good Advice

Calgary Sun columnist Paul Jackson had some good advice for Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper on the weekend.

Essentially Jackson urged the Tories to get tough in the next election.

“Get (Prime Minister Paul) Martin on the run, trip him up, and then put the boot in when he’s down on the ground . . . (Harper) must mercilessly tear Martin and his coterie apart at every touch and turn. Wage trench warfare.”

Sound kind of brutal, but then politics is and always will be a blood sport.

That’s something the Tories forgot in the last federal election. Indeed, one of the big mistakes in the Conservative 2004 campaign was their failure to counter the Liberal Party’s negative advertising blitz.

Nobody likes to admit it, but in politics going negative can work.


Anonymous said...

I agree, as they say nice guys finish last.
The Liberals are masters at Character Assassination they always have and always will be. This must be countered, maybe with truth, by telling the Canadian Taxpayer who is the real Scarey party.
Would you keep someone in a position of trust even after they stole money from you and your neighbours. I think not, so why would any thinking person vote for the Liberals again.

Anonymous said...

HArper has demonstarted neither honesty or competence.

The integrity team at the CPC: Brian "I despise you" Pallister, Gurmant Grewal, Peter "I screwed David Orchard" McKay, Vic "election fraud" Toews, Rahim "fake radio interview" Jaffer, James "Assault and conditional discharge" Rajotte.

Give your head a shake.