Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dingwall's Defence

David Dingwall’s defence before the House of Commons committee perfectly exemplified the Liberal mindset at work.

Yes he voluntarily left his job at the Canadian Mint; Yes he resigned under a cloud of suspicion; Yes he will receive a rich MP pension – but despite all this Dingwell still expects and indeed is demanding a fat severance package.


Because as he put it, he’s “Entitled to his Entitlements”.

In other words, all that matters is that Dingwall get his share of the loot. Nothing else factors into the calculation, certainly not whether or not such a payout is morally correct or whether or not it’s in the interest of taxpayers.

It’s Liberal greed and arrogance in its purest form.

What Dingwall and his Liberals don’t seem to understand is taxpayers have entitlements too.

We are entitled to honest government.

We are entitled to leaders who don’t view the public treasury as their own private slush fund.

We are entitled government free from cronyism and corruption.

Dingwall, of course, wouldn’t never understand our needs; it’s not part of the Liberal mindset.

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