Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Guns and Scapegoats

Our politicians may not be so good at stopping crime, but they are sure good at finding scapegoats.

The number of shootings in Toronto is soaring, so the Liberal government is naturally blaming, who else, the Americans.

And not just any Americans.

The Liberals are talking about suing U.S. gun manufacturers.

Yeah, that will stop the killings.

I can just imagine what the Canadian government lawyer would say in court:

“You’re honour, our case is simple. Until these evil gun makers smuggled their Glocks and Smith & Wesson’s into Canada, Toronto was – thanks to our gun registry program -- an idyllic crime-free paradise.

Our young people engaged only in wholesome government approved activities, such as finding out creative ways to meet Canada’s One Tonne Challenge.

Then, these merchants of death driven by a mad desire for profit, smuggled guns into our peaceful land and as if that’s not enough they forced our innocent kids to use them in American-style killing frenzies.”

That kind of logic, of course, probably won’t fool any judge; but it might very well fool the Canadian media.


Anonymous said...

Re guns and scapegoats. Does anyone realize that Canada Customs is responsible for preventing the smuggling of anything including guns into Canada, not the US Customs.

Anonymous said...

Has every gun that the police have conviscated been made in US? Bet not!Has the government ever thought about container cars. They are rife with guns and drugs. The US is starting to x-ray the ones that come into some ports. With the amount that is spent on the registry, Canada could do the same.