Thursday, February 17, 2011

Media Alert X 2

I am scheduled to do interviews today, one on The Michael Harris Show (CFRA Radio) at 1:45 PM ET, the other on the CHCH TV show "Square off" at 5:30 PM ET.

Topic: Bev Oda.

Here's a preview of my views:

Should Oda be fired: Yes

Will Oda be fired: No

Will the Oda affair have any lasting political ramifications: Probably not.


Anonymous said...

Listening to Michael Harris daily, this guy has an absolute hate-on for Harper.

bertie said...

Agree with you Anon.His hatred is as bad or worse some time as the opposition parties.You want to know why?He has made the whole group of them look like fools and act like children.It is so nice to have your own show where no one can shut your mouth and you have final say for a couple of hours.Harris has had a grandstand to spew his hatred on CFRA for 5 years at least and I simply don't understand how they let him get away with it.And good for Bev Oda,she has done a great service to Canada for cutting off this funding.Now if she can find a few more hundred special interest groups to put a NOT beside,we can give her an order of Canada.Gerry mention that PM Harper should be suing Iggy for his comments to the press and the speaker of the house should do his job and grab a few of these opposition screamers by the neck and boot their sorry behinds out the door.Who will you defend Gerry..who will you defend..