Monday, February 21, 2011

Government spending in nots

The Fraser Institute calculates that in order to balance the budget, the federal government needs to slash spending by about $16 billion.

A big task.

In fact, cutting spending that much would be the equivalent of denying Kairos any funding every year for the next 2,285 years!

That's a lot of "nots".


Anonymous said...

Oh please.... Theres plenty room to cut after the Liberals were in so long with their majorities. With a party like Reform around to even given them ideas & push'em along.

If they had the mandate or opposition parties from the right side of the spectrum there would be more room to manoeuvre.
I'm not counting the so called "Libertarian" Party of Canada which is more or less a front group for the Libs anyway.

^As I've pointed out before. Particularly reinforced by their willingness to merge with them even as the party ventured far to the left. They're mindless venom-mosity against the CPC and Harper, tied with their historical illiteracy as to why things are the way they are; also lead me to belief this early on.

As if they were born only within the last 20 or so years. Like them Zeitgeist fools/closet marxist who want to abolish money. Have they never read up on coinage?! or why it became necessary in the first place?....tsk.

Anonymous said...

^push them along to make cuts. If i didn't make that clear regarding the Reform party.

Anonymous said...

CIDA is around 3 billion.

bertie said...

With a majority they could save 1.5 billion overnight,cutting the CBC.Then another 8 billion overnight cutting off Quebec equalization scam.HMMM lets see that,s 9.5 billion on 2 items over a 5 year term that is 47.5 billion saved.Adds up fast eh!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:43 is on crack. Seriously, STFU.