Monday, February 07, 2011

War room run amok!

Check out my column which appears in today's Toronto Star, in which I dissect the recent Tory attack ads.


Anonymous said...

Gerry you haven't convinced me that Iggy is anything more than an American socialist coming into Canada and wanting to show the local boys how it is done. Sorry, but it plays well in the Star because they only like American socialists. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

I don't read the Toronto Star.

Xanthippa said...

These misjudgments which are to be seen in the attack ads that take stuff out of context are indicative of the same lack of judgment that led to permitting, even trumpetting, Fantino as a Conservative.

Letting Fantino into the government will do far more damage for Harper's Conservatives that these ads ever could.


Because people now believe that he'll let Fantino do to all of Canada what he did to Caledonia.