Friday, February 11, 2011

Left wing bullies undermine democracy

Yesterday a bunch of communist thugs stormed a meeting of the Toronto City Council budget committee.

They disrupted the proceedings with chants, they assaulted and  insulted police officers, they showed complete disdain for the democratic process.

So what does the media focus its attention on? The unruly protesters?


What made headlines is that Doug Ford, the committee vice-chair, told the left wing goons to "get a job."

Now, for me the only problem with Ford's comment was its unoriginality, I mean "get a job" is so 1960s. Plus I doubt anyone would hire the placard waving idiots who invaded City Hall.

Yet, for the media the quip overshadowed the actual protests.

And this illustrates the problem with the media and just generally with the political establishment.

They will rant and rave over the "bullying" of the Harper Conservatives in Ottawa, but all too often they will look the over way when the Left uses tactics of intimidation, threats and even violence.

Perhaps this is because they sympathize with some of the radical left's goals, or perhaps its because violent protests makes for good copy and television.

Who knows?

All I do know is that violence and bullyboy tactics have no place in a free and democratic society.


Top Can said...

Who is this John Clarke?

Apparently he professes to be the leader of this group of radicals I like to refer to as OCRAP (instead of OCAP) because that's what people think to themselves everytime they appear.

Has this man ever had a real job and contributed to society? How is he an expert on poverty when clerly he hasn't really experienced what poverty in Canada is like? Because being poor in Canada is virtually impossible with the myriad of social assistance that is available. One would have to literally sleep under a bridge without any human contact if they actually want to stay poor. And since where does this man get off by insulting the police and saying they should grab a donut and Tim Hortons?

Somebody should just deport this pounce back to England.

bigcitylib said...

OCAP has been around forever and are probably a drag on the anti-poverty movement. Their behavior is a given. Mr. Ford, however, is supposed to be able to rise above the level of these clowns. So what they did is not really news; what Mr. Ford did was.

johndoe124 said...

All I do know, is that violence and bullyboy tactics have no place in a free and democratic society.

Which society are you talking about, exactly?

Is it the one with language police (Bill 101)? Is it the one that has a multilayered bureaucracy dedicated to violating freedom of association, free speech and property rights (HRCs)? Is it the one that persecutes individuals for attempting to protect their own property? Is it the one that forces people to subsidize all sorts of initiatives against their will? Is it the one that has assumed ownership of your health by making it illegal to pay for healthcare? Is it the one that forces consumers to pay more for goods through marketing boards?

I don't know where I can fine this mythical "free" society you're talking about, but it sure isn't here where "bullyboy" tactics have become an intrinsic characteristic of our "society".

fernstalbert said...

It may be an expression from the sixties but is it wrong? Lets call this the wisdom of the ages. Regarding Mr. Clarke, he is a professional agitator and does nothing to further the goals of those he purports to represent. He represents himself - no one else. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Ford was elected to do and say exactly what he did yesterday. He's rough around the edges, abrupt, and the polar opposite to politicaly correct...and thats why he was voted in as mayor, so, why change?