Sunday, February 20, 2011

Accountability in schools

If you care about the state of education in this country, then I would strongly urge you to attend the Society for Quality Education's upcoming seminar on school accountability.

To be held on April 26th, in Toronto, the seminar will discuss such questions as whether or not public schools are accountable, if accountability helps students perform better academically and how exactly do you measure accountability in schools.

The seminar will also include the Canadian premier showing of the controversial film, The Cartel.

Speakers for the event include: businessman, author, Theo Caldwell,  former Education Minister, John Snobelen, and Kevin Gaudet of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

(I will also be there moderating one of the panels.)

So it should be quite an interesting day, on an issue that truly matters.

Note -If you register before March 31st, you get a discount.

Hope to see you there. 

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Anonymous said...

They should put the public schools up for bid for the private sector.

Private schools would be less expensive if they didn't have to also compete with the free (yet inadequate) services provided by the government monopolized public system. The higher enrollment in private schools would not only provide a higher tax revenue to draw from but would lessen the class-size burden on any remaining public schools not up for bid.

Teachers would get better pay and working conditions while generating higher income tax revenue.

It's something to consider as a way to cut spending on a failing system while opening the door for private sector investment & competition.

That is one way to bring in higher tax revenue like I said but without having to even raise taxes in that sector or at all across the board.

It can be a gradual shift if they start now.
If they wait too long and allow more money to be slurped up by the growing black hole, in the public system, which in turn will force more drastic actions latter.