Monday, February 07, 2011

Me on TV

In case you missed my appearance on Power Play this afternoon, you can catch it online here.

Topic: Maxime Bernier hero or villain?


Anonymous said...

Good job!

Lynn said...

You were very clear and articulate,and stated the feeling of many of us ordinary Canadians regarding the Quebec language laws.

Maxime Bernier deserves a medal for his comments. Many of us had been wondering if there were ANY politicians left in this Country who have the courage to "tell it like it is",instead of hiding behind political correctness.

The host,Don Newman, had the facial expression of a man interviewing a person he sees as slightly mad. He seemed relieved when the interview ended.

Good show,Gerry.


L said...

Excellent interview. Many new and younger Canadians, who are now paying taxes are learning about small "c" conservative values and, perhaps, how to use their vote better.

Anonymous said...

You are nausiating.

Anonymous said...

Spell check: it's nauseating.(I guess you've upstaged them again Gerry.)