Saturday, February 05, 2011

A true conservative speaks

Former US president Ronald Reagan was born 100 years ago. So I am posting one of his most famous speeches, just in case you want to know what a real conservative leader sounds like.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gerry,

What a great speech that was. His power, I think, was his ability to see clear and understand what the enemy is not who.

Keep up the fight !!


Anonymous said...

it is not 1964
it is 2011

Anonymous said...

Yes, a 47 year difference. So?

Unknown said...

Was he really? I'm reading Glenn Becks 'Broke,' where they talk about all the tricks governments use to hide the ever-rising debt. Even Reagan couldn't stop it, though he valiantly cut spending. Was he great and revered? Absolutely. Is he a true conservative? ....I just don't know if that even makes sense.

Carlrs said...

I am not sure another Ronald Reagan is possible.
While he like any person had his short comings, he was a truly great man that in my opinion knew his limits (which is a part of humility that is one of the marks of a True Conservative.

I think in our ever increasingly selfish world that we can ever see such a truly charismatic conservative leader such as President Reagan. Someone like Reagan would be taken out by the media long before he/she ever got close to the presidency.