Friday, January 21, 2011

When attack ads don't work

Check out my column over at the Ottawa Citizen on the problem I have with some of the Tory attack ads.


Alberta Girl said...

OMG's clear you have a "problem" with all things this government does - why should anyone check out ANOTHER slag fest from you.

But I see that CBC loves you anyway.

Gerald Mcgarrigle said...

Since when is telling the truth about someone(Iggy)be an attack ad? What I would like to see is the media ask Iggy some elementary school questions about Canada,to prove even to the lieberals that he doesn't know squat about Canada.

Anonymous said...

Listening to rants from Gerry's giant ego is getting a bit old.
It's time he got over himself and gave up on his old grudges against Harper.


Joe said...

Sorry Gerry but your negativity outweighs the negativity of the Tory "attack ads" by about 10 to 1.

That being said I would much prefer to see positive ads FOR the Conservatives instead of ads AGAINST the Liberals. The ad showing PM Harper working resonates with me in ways that make me want to vote FOR the Conservatives. The ads AGAINST the Liberals do not want to make vote against the Liberals.