Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The conservative soul

I don't usually quote the Bible but for this letter to the editor, published in today's National Post, I just couldn't resist.

Dear Sir/Madam:

David Frum correctly points out the political achievements of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative party.

But we must not confuse success for the Conservative Party with success for the conservative movement. Conservatism, as a philosophy, preaches smaller government and fiscally responsible leadership. By that standard, Mr. Harper has failed. 

Since taking office, he has engaged in reckless, deficit-bloating spending sprees, while increasing the size and scope of big government.

Maybe that doesn’t matter for partisan Conservatives for whom power is more important than principle. But for those of us who were hoping for a true alternative to the Liberals, the Harper regime has been a huge disappointment.

As it says in the Bible, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?”


Kristin Beaumont-Politics and Other Things said...

..partisan I am...looking or power no...you and your ideas have to bend with the ways of the real world now...old conservatism is dead...reality is we have to flow the way the earth rotates...it is more obvious now...and I am no in a regime...you really are the purple limit...think you are this far away from forming your own party...go ahead..make our day...no one will be on you from the conservative side if you do....our Prime Minister has not failed us.

Joe said...

To paraphrase: what does it profit a political movement to spend all of its time in the political wilderness (opposition) because it can't agree on its own level of purity.

Anonymous said...

I have only one way to solve your dilemma
and I think you know what that is

Anonymous said...

i am still giving the benefit of the doubt. only a majority govt can decisively prove whether there are true blue conservative policies in the wings.i can only hope.


CanadianSense said...

PC's don't exist.

Reform and CA never won a general election.

The CPC are a different animal. It means being a realist and pragmatic.

After five years at the helm, the Liberals on the verge of a John Turner rout perhaps the views of those glory days of Stanfield or Joe Clark could be updated?

Anonymous said...

I'll take what Canadiansense and NB Tory Gal are smoking. Actually never mind, it apparently makes you really really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Canada is a full blown Marxist state with "progressives" at every senior level of every institution in every aspect of government.

I fear only an armed revolution will return the country to it's "Classical Liberal" ideals.

IF I'm wrong, then we are finished as a people and a culture.

Kristin Beaumont-Politics and Other Things said...

Anonymous...ha ha... my keyboard is sticking and I didn't proof read...Joe Clark conservatism has a few members...not many...we have all progressed...and morphed...don't smoke it if you do not want to... I type here because Gerry N. likes to press buttons...and I want him to know he does not speak for me...there are many differences....why do you have to be anonymous...are you that scary?--don't want people to know what you really think... I know this much you need to park in the positive lane often...the negative one isn't working...
I am amazed Gerry N. publishes my comments...I was sure I would drop off into the spam box... so ... he is a very tolerant guy...thx.