Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Prime Minister's political agenda explained

I have a column appearing in today's Globe and Mail website which explains Prime Minister Stephen Harper's real "hidden agenda" and why he wants an election this spring.

(Warning this column may offend leftists as it contains metaphors, similes and military analogies.)


Calgary Junkie said...

I agree that one of his "ultimate strategic goals" is to destroy the Liberal Party. And using your Napoleon quote, even if this is the "one favourable moment", how does Harper "seize it” ?

He hasn't laid the rhetorical groundwork, like he did in the summer of 2008, for a trip to the GG, so that's out. Which obviously leasves some kind of poison pill in Flaherty's budget.

I'll concede that he very much likes to pull surprises on his opponents. And so he just might have something in his medicine chest, that he can credibly spin as being mildly distastful, but the Opps will spin as being mortally poisonous, and thus totally unacceptable.

But I don't think he wants his "trust" numbers to take any more of hit, after he told Lloyd Robertson that he won't "trigger an election". Plus, by governing some more, he can build up his "competence" numbers.

In this case, let the enemy defeat themselves. Let the Liberal hawks become more frustrated and discouraged. Lib fundraising should keep going down, with the uninspiring Iggy doing obviously useless "work", and making little progress.

Harper has to be extra careful NOT to deliver something that rallies his opponents, and makes them enthusiastic for a fight. Look what the arts funding cuts did in Quebec, where nobody could have predicited such a huge push back.

Gerry, I think you've got a stronger argument if you can specify the "pill" that Flaherty forces the Opps to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis of the PM's political agenda. Regarding the sanitization of language - if you can't use military metaphors or sexual innuendo, then what is left, bodily function analogies? Someone please give me permission to use the vernacular of gas, copulation etc. lol We have certainly moved to a higher plane of languague with that scenario. Cheers. FernStAlbert