Monday, January 03, 2011

Tories turning into nannies

Here's a letter I wrote which was published in today's Toronto Sun, it's my reaction to a government move to regulate cigarette packages:
Dear Sir/Madam:
In the latest example of nanny statism, the federal government will force tobacco companies to post new larger and more shocking ads on cigarette labels. 
No one in government seems concerned that such a move clearly infringes on the right to free expression. 
So what’s next? Will we soon see government-imposed warning labels on Big Mac containers, on beer bottles and on candy wrappers? 
What we really need is a warning label for politicians: “Voting for this political party could be hazardous to your freedoms.”


Anonymous said...

I agree the problem is all the parties would come with the same label.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the slippery slope of universal Health Care kicks in, the state gets to tell you what’s good/bad for you because they pay for your body repairs. What should happen is that instead of taxpayers paying for these silly warnings, a smoker should pay more for Health insurance.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately that argument was lost a long time ago. when you allow government total control over your life and don't riot in the streets you become the government slaves that we are today. saying no to the government is easy as long as we all do it together. oh, canadians like government interference in their lives, i forgot.

CanadianSense said...

It would be more effective to use regional warnings.

In Alberta suggest smoking turns you into a Liberal.

In Toronto do the same but with greater emphasis, an evangelical right wing republican.

Send the packaging that is most offensive to each region.

In BQ ridings wrap them up in our national flags and suggest smoking makes you a Canadian.

For Calgary and Eskimo wrapper?

Imagine the fun at bars.

Alain said...

While I concur that this is a very serious problem which just continues to get worse, I disagree with Anonymous' claim that it is due to our socialised health care. I am not defending our health care system, but even in countries with no socialised health care one finds the same problem. The problem being governments pushed on by numerous special interest groups seek to control people's behaviour and life. There is no end to these busybodies determined to tell us what we can eat, what we can drink and what we can do. The anti-smoking lobby has succeeded in dehumanising and demonising smokers (unless it be pot) to an extent that would have made the Nazis proud. In a truly free society private establishments would have the right to decide if they wish to allow or to ban smoking, not a bunch of outside busybodies.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, don't give them ideas.

Anonymous said...

OK nomdeblog - you pay for your own darn health care and I will pay for mine. I sure as heck never voted for it, and I rarely use the health care system. Smokes are already 95% tax.

Non-smokers get sick, senile and die too. People with perfect behaviour and no smokers around them get cancer too! In fact, ask next time you are in a doctor's office if anyone smokes. It will be about 20%.

Gerry is right - a Conservative government should never put up with this crap.

A Smoker, who could not tell you what is on the pack or the insert card

Anonymous said...

Lawyers may experience a consequential influx of clients with a newly-provoked desire to alter their "living will" add a D.N.P. (Do Not Photograph) stipulation - in hope of pre-exercising deathbed self-defense against exploitation.

Deathbed photography - to soon become a competitive and lucrative business opportunity?

Deathbed photos - to soon become prized additions to every family photo album and to be commonly entered in photo contests at local fairs, etc?

Xanthippa said...

Good article.

Tangential comment (sorry): re the comment on socialized health care.

Who owns 'medical records'? The one who pays for them.

Our MD retired. Wecould not find another one, but were not permitted to actually get our medical record ourselves - we do not own them. The office was only permitted to transfer them to another Ontario government approved medical care provider....

The message is clear: I cannot even see my own medical records. I did not pay for them, therefore I don't own them. It is the sole property of the government that paid for them....

I guess this makes sense, in a twisted way. But it certainly reminds us of our place in the order of things.