Saturday, January 29, 2011

Politics vs principle

The Conservative government faces a lose-lose scenario when it comes to the issue of funding a hockey arena in Quebec City.

If the Tories fork over tax dollars to the arena it will outrage their base; not only is it using taxpayer dollars to subsidize a private company, but worse it pandering to Quebec nationalists.

For a lot of conservatives that's the worst sort of subsidy.

On the other hand, if the Conservatives fail to dole out the dollars, it will give ammunition to the Bloc Quebecois in the next federal election.

So what to do?

Do you stand up for your base or cater to special interests?

It's a question of principle vs politics.

Well, given this government's general failure to stand up for principle, I strongly suspect the arena will get its money.

After all, even if conservatives howl with rage, where else are they going to go?

That's what happens when a party takes its base for granted.


Anonymous said...

Personally I am not going anywhere. I will stay home on election night.

Anonymous said...

I won't stay home, but I've already informed my MP, Chuck Strahl, that I will tear up my membership in the CPC, and never, ever donate another dime.
When this came up in 2000, I stopped watching hockey, in fact I gave up watching pro sports of all kinds.
I cannot believe the sheer stupidity of this move.

wilson said...

We will all go to the ballot box and vote CPC this spring,
the Mayor of Quebec pulled a number out of the hat as a 'cost' and there is at least a 9 month delay in sending in a proposal.

The costing was sent to the experts this week, and at best, the true costing will be finalized Sept-Dec.

But I am sure Travers, the Toronto Star and Gerry will try to keep the base all stirred up.

Don't bite CPC supporters,
your first clue that things are not as they appear,
is who's doing the writing.
Today it is Travers the TorStar and Gerry,
the Harper-haters.

Top Can said...

How is this different from the Bloc's demand of $5 million for Quebec pork spending in exchange for the party's support in the budget?

johndoe124 said...

With all due respect, Wilson, the CPC government has had plenty of opportunity to state emphatically that they will not fund any sports complex.

In fact, "The door is not closed from the federal government —far from it," Verner said.

I'm as skeptical as you about the Liberal press, but this is directly from the ass's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Your last sentence should read 'this is what happens when the base takes its party for granted'.

maryT said...

How about this, the cpc agrees to take money from the fund for such things for the Que. arena, providing they sign an iron clad contract stating, if no hockey team comes, and if they do not get a future olympic winter games, all money received must, forthwith be repaid to the government within 6 months. Mo extensions provided.
Failure to live up to this contract, in the time allowed, no future payment to Quebec via equalization,pensions, CTC, will be paid till debt is paid in full.

Joe said...

I must admit that PM Harper does a pretty good head fake. So far he has taken in Gerry and his commentators.

If PM Harper doesn't give an answer to a silly question then you can bet that MIA and the coalition will rush in to fill the void with the wrong answer.

Unknown said...

You really don't care what happens to this country do you Gerry?

Lose-lose is all you got? I thought you were the master brainiac of conservatism. You always seem so full of glee at the prospect of failure for conservatives.

Think of a 3rd option for Canadian's sake.

Anonymous said...

Kind of related: Canada's government bought a vase for $650,000. I'm sure we'll hear something about 'at least it's teh COALITIOn vase111!!' from the usual idiots.

Tom said...

Gary Bettman says the league has no plans for expansion or relocation. Seems pretty clear to me. Why build an arena when there's no chance of getting a franchise. Seems like they could build the arena and call it White elephant.

wilson said...


That 'door is open to' Regina, (Winnipeg?) Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton too.
But it's predictably all theatre all the time in Quebec.

Just ignore Duceppe, his seppie clan will vote against the budget regardless,
because when they support Harper, their numbers go down.

So this isn't just about Quebec,
oh, did Gerry forget to mention that?
I wonder why.

Other cities have already submitted proposals, not sure what cities or what their funding asks are, PMO says it's confidential.

IF IF IF there is federal funding in the budget for stadiums across Canada,
Charest will have to jump thru hoops to get it, meet the criteria, if they can manage to even put together a proposal and submit it.

PMSH knows where his base stands.

I am 100% against funding professional sport team facilities period,
in Quebec or here in Edmonton, or anywhere.

wilson said...

I think Ducey and his seppies want an 'ear mark' in the budget for the arena,
so it must be included in the $5 billion he demanded in exchange for his support a budget he has no intentions of supporting.

johndoe124 said...

Wilson, I don't know what your talking about. The quote I gave was specifically referring to Quebec.

It's pure vote buying because sports complexes are not federal responsibility. To me that means that if the CPC want to fund a sports arena somewhere then they should use their own money. Using taxpayer money is corrupt and puts them on the same plane as the Liberals. It's your prerogative to vote for whomever you want, but if they start buying votes you are voting for an unethical party.

Unknown said...

For the record: I don't support massive funding for sports arenas, nor have I ever, nor will I ever.

I'm open to creative ideas though.