Monday, January 17, 2011

Comparing two ads

To further elaborate on my previous post as to the problems with the Conservative Party's "positive" ad, let's compare it to the masterpiece the Tories are ripping off.

I am talking about Ronald Reagan's "It's Morning in America Again" TV spot.

As you can see the visuals in this ad reinforce the narration. More than that they invoke strong emotional reactions. I mean, you can't watch this TV spot and not feel hopeful and confident about America. That's why it worked. It was great television: emotional and visual.

Contrast that to the latest Tory TV ad, "Rising to the challenge".

This ad has a decent script, but it lacks good visuals or emotion. The visuals it does have are weak. It opens with street riots, then shifts to what looks like a stock market computer screen. What is that supposed to convey? Fear? To me it just confuses the message. Then the rest of the ad shows Prime Minister Harper in his office late at night working on crossword puzzles or something. Again, a flat, uninspiring image. This a great radio spot, but a weak TV commercial.


Anonymous said...

i thought it was alright. the layman will get it im sure.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was great to see PM Harper working late at night on his many dossiers.

Hard to believe there is no one around though, like a secretary or security.

bertie said...

Jealousy will get you nowhere..I thought they were great and showed a hard working Prime Minister.Even though there were idiots in Toronto rioting we got through that and we got through the recession in great shape,because of his hard work.Don,t you get it Nicholls.

Alberta Girl said...

OMG...Gerry we get it - you HATE Stephen Harper.

But this post will get you some face time in front of the media because of that HATE - which we all know you LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Gerry. Have you shifted your support to the opposition. It doesn't sound like you sopport the current government.

Alberta Bob

Anonymous said...

It would be a good advert if the visuals were of Canadians living in a Canada that had been improved after 4 years of Harper, but we are worse off than four years ago, so the overall idea of the past leading to a better future doesn't play. Can we look forward to doubling the deficit and is it really something to crow about that our unemployment rate is lower than ground zero for the economic crisis?
Oh anyone notice the midnight sun peaking through the blinds in homage to the North of our land, subtle but deep..

Rotterdam said...

Both ads are good.
Harpers ad features himself more.
Reagans ad only shows a picture at the end.
I think Harpers ad is better for him right now. It shows him serious, engaged and smart.
My a-political daughter aggree's.