Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NCC creeps into gutter

At one time the National Citizens Coalition was about attacking big government, now it seems more interested in attacking me.

Recently an NCC operative posted comments about me that can only be described as malicious, personal slurs.


I knew the people operating the NCC were incompetent, but I never imagined they would stoop so low.

They should be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

So now the NCC appear to be little more than another wing of the PMO? And a less than competent one at that!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nicholls, are you looking for attention?

Alberta Girl said...

Ah, I see....because they don't agree with you - or call you on how you present yourself - they are the one's in the wrong.

Interesting how that works???

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to Alberta Girl Gerry. Take a good look at the blue haired set's slamming of you over at the Blue Like You blog. Nasty stuff posted by twits who have no idea what they're talking about. Lots of assumptions about individuals and personalities that needs nipping in the bud.

Platty said...

Talk about appalling...

I was somewhat shocked to hear Evan Solomon grant (and to see Gerry accept) the description as "former head of the National Citizens Coalition". Gerry never held this position.

You want to take a minute and clear that one up for us right now Mr. Nicholls?


Joe said...

If I were less of a Christian I would be enjoying a big bowl of schadenfreude about now. Or as Mama always says, "What goes around comes around". Next time remember these words, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Sean M. said...

I stopped having any use for the Blogging Tories many years ago. That may have something to do with the fact that I'm a "conservative" rather than a "Tory".

Unknown said...

I believe that Gerry is one of our country's most forward thinkers. His observations threaten those he calls to task. Good for you, Mr. Nicholls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry - I am not really up on this discussion but was disturbed about a comment I read on another thread about how Evan Solomon granted (and you accepted) the description of "former head of the National Citizens Coalition" - is this true?

I ask because I don't believe you ever held this post.

I defend your right to expresing your viewpoint - please just make sure it is factual as I wouldn't defend this..

CanadianSense said...

I am familiar how the MSM and the left treated the NCC under our PM and through the Manning Day days in opposition.

Apparently now the MSM and left have found your criticism useful it is now relevant to the conversation.

Timing is everything and the CBC have found certain disgruntled Conservatives having "extra" airtime to complain against the government lends to the left leaning panel credibility.

wilson said...

Free Speech, Gerry.

If you can't take a punch, quit coming out swinging.

Blame Crash said...

So where are all the malicious slurs you’re referring to?

I don’t see them, especially when you consider that calling the NCC people “incompetent” appears to be the norm on this blog. And then there are all the other times you have wantonly lashed out at the NCC! Or does that not count? Should others be held to a higher standard than this blogs standards?

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Anonymous said...

Somebody better call the wambulance for Gerry.

Connie said...

How dare you criticize Taylor for attacking you, Gerry!

You are a bad, bad man!

ward said...

Don Martin is more conservative than you are Gerry.

lance said...

Alberta Girl, If they resort to ad hominem then they are most certainly at fault.

Any idiot can slag a person but it takes a much greater person to refute argument.

Alas, it seems that the 'bots come from the first camp.

renegade tory said...

I'm not sure, do they want Gerry kicked out of Blogging Tories because his views are being aired via left-wing media (which to me is no shock when you disagree with anything the PM does) or because he doesn't agree with the policies of the current conservative government?

Either way, I don't see that as any reason to kick him out of BT. If that's the criteria for de-listing bloggers than there's a whole bunch of bloggers that should be removed besides Gerry.

This kind of tactic is not only childish, but something we as conservatives are very much against. We support the right to free speech, not to shut down any and all opposing points of view as the left loves to do. We're better than that.

Patsplace said...

Hmmm? They think you're acting like a jerk too. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:09

I'll take "blue like you" blog any day over this impostor.

"Don Martin is more conservative than you are Gerry." -wild

Probably not, since Don Martin is a better faker and Nicholls is more of an ideologue wanting instant gratification of his perspective of thins. Kinda hard to demand so much when the CPC is in a minority opposite of what is essentially a left wing cabal for bigger government.

Nicholls argument to me is more about milking traffic from the BT roll. (I make an effort to limit my coming here as much as possible.)
His axe to grind is also personally bent.

CanadianSense is deadon with what he said. If only I had the time to articulate my own views to compliment that.

I've know this guy been a fake for ages. "oh but I know the guy he's nice." Get off it. (yah I read the forum poll out on him.)

Made me want to register since I've been putting that off for ages.

Hey renegadetory, make an effort to follow whats going on first before talking out your butt.


Not talking about your argument so much as you seem not have a full enough grasp on the subject to be swinging like that.

Anonymous said...

oh great... after approval... bah!

gimbol said...


Why are you letting this bother you?

If you say something you have a hunch it may upset someone, then at most they express their dismay in a less than mature manner, don't respond with same. The best response in this case is to ignore.

I've found there have been times I don't agree with Gerry's commnets from time to time. This is no reason to advocate his removal.
If anyone disagrees with him, debate the contentions, don't whine like a liberal politician caught stealing tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

The upset commenters here and at BT are indicative of both Gerry's success and pointed arguments.

H.E. said...

Anonymous at 12:46 AM - right on the button!

I sure wish we were walking in shared shoes right now, Gerry!